“Urgent measures must be taken” – Popov on Ukrainian terrorism

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March 11, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Eduard Popov, SV Pressa – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

On March 11th, Fort Russ’  guest analyst, Dr. Eduard Popov, was interviewed by Russia’s analytical site Svobodnaya Pressa on the recent terrorism and assassination investigations in Lugansk. Below are excerpts from the interview. 

As far as I know, the republics’ intelligence services have been put on a good footing. Yet as far as I can tell, the situation with counter-intelligence, and more broadly questions of internal security, is much worse. Otherwise Ukrainian saboteurs and agents of influence would not feel so at ease in the Donbass republics. It is no secret that there are many of yesterday’s Ukrainian officials and politicians in the echelons of power in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The Ukrainian army, albeit a greatly weakened army, is nevertheless the army of a large state with a rich Soviet history and experience. Not all of this experience has been lost. And most importantly, NATO instructors are significantly raising the combat training of Ukrainian saboteurs. I won’t pass judgement on whether or not Ukraine has one or more groups for committing terrorist acts on the territory of Donbass, but most likely the Ukrainians do have trained terrorist militants capable of such intricate work in their reserves.

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Since the very beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, I’ve said that the Ukrainians would opt for organizing terrorist acts in Russia. Time proved the validity of this forecast. I would even guess that we know about far from all of the terrorist acts that have been thwarted, and some incidents written off as accidents have in fact been terrorist attacks. Ukraine has a vested interest in drawing Russia into war on its territory, so it does not hesitate in resorting to such dirty methods of struggle. So it is clear why we don’t respond so toughly. 

What is unclear is something else. The Investigative Committee of Russia has announced a list of names of Ukrainian troops responsible for the use of weapons of mass destructions (Tochka and Tochka-U missile systems and Grad volley fire rockets) against the civilian population of Donbass. I think that the named commanders now feel uncomfortable. But why has Russia not seized the initiative from Kiev and presented the international community with the list of war criminals from Ukraine responsible for the death of civilians in Donbass? I do not understand the condescending, ironic attitude of our media towards Ukraine’s case against Russia at the UN on supporting terrorism. But even more incomprehensible is the relaxed demeanor of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Donbass is not obliged to imitate Ukraine’s terrorist practices. Donbass has more effective weapons: cauldrons and the complete elimination of the UAF and Nazi battalions. This is the only way to stop the Ukrainian terrorists’ war against Donbass. Ukraine has been given two chances to settle down, after the first and second Minsk Agreements, but it did not take these opportunities.

Another method of fighting Ukrainian influence is purging the republics’ state apparatuses, security agencies, and business circles of Ukrainian agents. Now the prospects of nationalization in the DPR and LPR are being discussed with a vengeance. But it is forgotten that collaborative forces are also working in the republics. We can recall the scandal with the “off the books” coal deliveries from the LPR to Ukraine. As eyewitnesses have testified, the trains loaded with coal were accompanied by armed UAF and SBU patrols. And after this we are surprised by a lack of control over Ukrainian saboteurs?! A lot of questions need answers and urgent measures must be taken. 

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The international community must also be informed about what is happening in Donbass, especially since in the West there is a great demand for objective information on ongoing events in former Ukraine. Although the majority of public opinion in the West follows the paradigm of officialdom, there are significant gaps where this perspective is treated with hostility. In Italy, France, Czechia, Germany, and even in Poland and other countries, there are numerous groups of people who reject the lies of Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian propaganda. These holes in the wall of anti-Russian propaganda need to be expanded. 

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