Who was in Lugansk? Putin’s press secretary or Putin’s personal advisor?

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March 30 – Fort Russ News –

– 1. bigmir.net, 2. bigmir.net [one hour earlier] Translated by Tom Winter –

“Instead of Peskov, Surkov was in Lugansk.”

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, described news about his visit to Lugansk as “another canard,” but did not deny the arrival of Vladislav Surkov in the Russian-controlled city, suggesting that this information be checked with the Security Service of Ukraine.

This is written by RIA Novosti.

“I’m directly from Lugansk now and I’m calling Canard. No, this is another canard, don’t pay any attention to it, “Peskov said.

Answering the question whether presidential aide Vladislav Surkov was in Lugansk, he said:

“Have the SBU check on it. Ukrainian taxpayers are paying money, paying cash out of the little they make just so the SBU can engage in serious business, so let the SBU deal with it,” he added.

Recall that a number of media on Tuesday, March 28, reported on the Lugansk visit of Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of Russian President. Later, journalists reported that Vladislav Surkov, Putin’s adviser, had gone to Lugansk instead of Peskov.

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In [Ukrainian] intelligence, they do not know about the visit of Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov to the occupied Lugansk, but they know that Putin’s adviser Vladislav Surkov arrived there.

This is written by the Ukrainian Pravda with reference to sources in intelligence.

“According to our information, Surkov arrived in the occupied territories on March 28. We have no information about the arrival of Peskov,” said a source in Ukrainian Pravda.

In turn, the representative of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuri Tandit also would not confirm the information about the arrival of Peskov, noting that this information is being checked.

“We have not commented on this information since we know from open sources about the alleged visit by the press secretaryof the head of a neighboring country to the occupied Lugansk. We are checking this information,” he said.

Earlier, the coordinator of the Information Resistance, Dmitry Tymchuk, said that in the occupied territories of the Lugansk region power struggles are developing among the militants. According to the Information Resistance, the ataman of the “All-Great Don Army” Kozitsyn instructed the leaders of the Cossack units to collect signatures of residents of the occupied territories for a petition about lack of confidence in the LPR leader Plotnitsky.


Translator comment: The visit of Surkov to Lugansk would be even more significant than a visit by Peskov. From the Wikipedia entry on Surkov, we find:Surkov is perceived by many to be a key figure with much power and influence in the administration of Vladimir Putin.[6][7][8] According to The Moscow Times, this perception is not dependent on the official title Surkov might hold at any one time in the Putin government.[9]  Vladislav Surkov

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