Yatsenyuk ridiculed on the BBC [+video]

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March 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– RusVesna – Translated by James Harmon

The famous historian, writer and journalist Vladimir Kornilov remarked on and episode of the well-known HardTalk program on the BBC, in which ex-prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was a guest.

“Yatsenyuk had the imprudence to appear in the program HardTalk on BBC.”, Kornilov wrote on his social network page. “Stephen Sackur crucified Yatsenyuk. By the end of the show, Arseny was afraid to look at him – he was flushed and nervous.”

Sackur asked Yatsenyuk on his financial situation. Yatsenyuk said that it was somewhere near 1 million dollars, stating: “Well, do not forget that I was a banker, for 10 years I worked in the private sector.”

Kornilov stated, “Honestly, I thought it was something I do not know in the biography of the former prime minister. I re-read it and did not understand where were those 10 years. Or was Yatsenyuk included in this “experience” in the beginning of the 90s, when he had amassed a fortune?”

Kornilov continued: “As a Banker, he worked in Raiffeisen Bank branch “Aval” (located in Kiev), as much as 10 months of 1998, as a consultant. It’s doubtful that the salaries of ordinary employees of Raiffeisen Bank branch Aval then were allowed to earn millions. In fact, he then became a young officer. Or does he consider “seniority banker” in the Maidan period of 2004, when he and the head of the National Bank worked together, to be part of this ten years? Does he consider this time his “private business”, which helped him acquire assets? “

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Arseniy broke off when he spoke of the unprecedented “reforms” that are sold as prime minister. The moderator reminded him that the popularity rating of his government at the time of his resignation was 2%. Yatsenyuk mumbled in reply; “Against my Government’s information, a campaign was conducted.”

Kornilov further opined about the more amusing aspects of Yatsenyuk’s interview: “But the most fun was when talking about Russia, Crimea, Donbass. Yatsenyuk stated; ‘I do not care about the opinion of Putin.’ the interviewer openly laughed: you have nothing to worry about in Putin’s opinion, but he is the only person who has a clear strategy.”

Sackur commented on the interview: “I began to ask whether Yatsenyuk was ready to look into the eyes of Ukrainian mothers whose children were killed in the war in the Donbass. Arseny did not answer this question, repeating only that they are “heroes” and that he will fight (I understand, ‘to the last man’).”

“In general, I recommend to all to see. Who has access to the BBC, today a couple of times it is still to be repeated. I really hope that some good people will translate and lay it out in the Russian”, concluded Kornilov.

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