After Tomahawks Start to Rain, Rusty Bedouine Swords Begin to Dance

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April 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – written by Ali Makhlouf – – translated by Samer Hussein –      


Rejoiced by the news of the US missile strike on Syria, the Bedouines of the Arabian deserts bring their lazy asses out of their tents, pour their enslaved workers with rose water and perform a tribal dance with their rusty swords. Thus begins the new era of the long-lasting Cowboy-Bedouine romance.

The loud, screaming voices of the so-called “Syrian opposition” are being heard in the background,asking for the repetition of the American strikes amid fears that a sudden Syrian missile strike may wipe their hopes away from the face of the planet Earth.

A hand in the Oval Office in Washington picks the ringing phone. Suddenly the deep, Bedouine voice is heard, overdubbed by that of the American translator. It was no-one else than the Saudi King Salman, who congratulated his American counterpart, the orange baboon Trump, for his “success” in Syria. The latter bursts into Hollywood-style laughter, mixed with joy, while also nervously biting his nails in an expectation of a fat commission coming from Saudi Arabia. God knows what new business opportunities the Trump Organisation will have.

Not even a couple of hours after the US strike on the Sharyat airbase in Syria have passed when Saudi servants started to rush with their acts of diplomatic worship, dedicated to their Gods in Washington. The barking dogs from the Syrian “opposition” also got triggered. The heads of the High Negotiations Committee immediately rushed to the US Senate, begging for more future strikes. Overshadowed by the rise of Al Nusra Front, ISIS and Jaysh Al Islam, they saw a moment of great opportunity for their mighty warriors of Al Rahman Brigade, Ahrar Al Sham and other FSA rebrandings.

The analysts and observers got a strong deja-vu, after seeing that the events from the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq are in a way repeating, namely as regards the US-Gulf marriage and a honeymoon that began when the first pairs of Texan boots stepping on Iraqi soil. Luckily (and mainly thanks to the Syrian military power and the Russian presence), none of that happened. 

For the Saudis and the Gulf Bedouines, getting rid of Bashar Al Assad is even more crucial than the fall of Baghdad and as they’ve previously stated they have no issues of tossing away their Islamic capital under the “kaffir” boots of Trump and stripping away all their clothes, just to assure the fall of Al Assad. For the takfirists, still walking on path of the 13th century jihadist philosopher Ibn Taymiyya, destroying Damascus is obviously more important than liberating Palestine.

Judging by the Arab, Western and the exiled Syrian opposition’s reactions to the events in Syria, it becomes obvious that there is some sort of coordination going on between them and the Khan Sheikhoun incident (as well as everything that followed), is a perfect example of that.

The Russians were among those first responding to the US  provocations and their officials described the occurrence as a flagrant aggression on a sovereign state, done in complete violation of international law and which is only beneficial for the terrorists. The tomahawk strike on Syria also forced Russians to cease all agreements made with the US administration, namely related to aviation safety and coordination in fight against the terrorists. 

Nonetheless, Syria will come out as a profiting side in the end. Russia has already promised Syria to provide more military aid, deliver more equipment to the army (S400 including) and carry out way more strikes against the terrorists than it ever did before.

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