All signs point towards war over Korea – Yurasumy

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April 13, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Yurasumy, Naspravdi – translated, edited by J. Arnoldski – 

Reports are incoming that are signs of a future war, one in which the use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out. There hasn’t been such a situation in more than 50 years, since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

North Korea is preparing for war  (and South Korea too). The US, China, and Japan are as well. The American government’s latest statements and steps leave no hope for a peaceful solution to the conflict. The US has said that war can only be stopped by the DPRK abandoning its nuclear weapons, albeit under the control of China.

Judging by everything, the meeting between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump on April 7th did not resolve the main antagonisms between the two countries. Just a few days after the meeting, a US carrier battle group headed by the USS Carl Vinson nuclear aircraft carrier cancelled its previously planned visit to Australia and urgently pulled a 180 and was sent towards the Korean coast.

Last night, information feeds were literally bombarded with markers of a coming war. The Chinese leader urgently called Trump (not even a week has passed since their high level meeting) and said that he is for “peaceful denuclearization of North Korea.”

Right after this, it was officially announced that the US had warned Japan of a possible strike on the DPRK if the latter does not agree to abandon its nuclear weapons and nuclear program.

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Several hours later, three reports came in synchronously:

1. The DPRK leader has given the order to partially evacuate the capital (for now the information is unconfirmed for obvious reasons);

2. Japan is preparing to evacuate its citizens from South Korea (everything here comes from the highest level);

3. A modified Ohio-type submarine carrying 154 Tomahawk missiles has arrived within strike distance of the Korean coast.

A week ago, on April 5th, in view of the situation heating up, the DPRK proposed foreign states to evacuate their citizens from the country’s territory (first and foremost Chinese and Russians).

For now these are only signs, but very bad signs. Today, taking into account the presence in the strike zone of several American submarines, the US has the opportunity to strike with approximately 350-400 Tomahawk missiles. Strategic aviation aircraft could also be involved in striking, including a B-2. In the very least, one ship from the battle group equipped with an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System is ready to intercept North Korean ballistic missiles. 

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For now, nothing is encouraging. Everything is pointing towards war. Trump can’t step back without losing face. Nor can Kim Jong Un, but if the North Korean leader does not falter at the last moment, then there will be no avoiding a US missile strike…

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