All Ukrainians working in Russia “brainwashed by FSB”

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April 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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Rusvesna – by Inessa Sinchougova

Russia’s Federal Security Service has been accused of “brainwashing” Ukrainians, who go to Russia to make a living. This comes from a Ukrainian political scientist and politician, Taras Chernovil. 

“Everyone who works in Russia, with a small exception, has signed an agreement document to cooperate with the FSB. This even goes without saying. There is not one Ukrainian who has gone to Russia for work, that is not brainwashed” – he says.

According to Chernovil, he personally knew a family of farmers from Sumskaya region, who travelled to Russia to see their relatives. They returned to tell the story of FSB “brainwashing” on arrival.

“This is why I am for a new law as it pertains to collaboration. Every Ukrainian who works abroad should at least be under surveillance and have to explain their actions.”

Ukraine may also impose a visa regime for Russian citizens. “Those who come here from Russia, pose a special kind of threat. A visa regime will help strengthen the control factor. It will significantly decrease the amount of Russians in Ukraine – frankly speaking, the less the better.”

He added, that should a visa regime be imposed, “Moscow will immediately make life difficult for Ukrainians on Russian territory.”

Ed: It’s almost like the fact that Ukraine’s unemployment rate stands at 10% has nothing to do with it? The official census of 2010 showed 2 million Ukrainian citizens living and working in Russia. Since the start of the Donbass war, another 2 – 3 million Ukrainians (albeit predominantly from the Donbass) are estimated to have moved to Russia. 

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