“Any Form of Illegal Intervention is an Attack on Syria”, Assad Warns

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April 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –           

“The hope of ending the war in Syria is greater than in previous years”, said the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad during an interview, published Thursday, while also indicating that there is significant progress in a pivotal fight against terrorism as well as the reconciliation process in Syria, which has so far contributed to the increased likelihood of peace in Syria becoming a reality.

In an interview with Croatian newspaper Večernji List, Assad said that hope can come to Syria through two directions, the first one being the fight against terrorism and the second one making reconciliation with people who are ready to lay their arms down and go home.

He further stated that “the majority of Syrians do not accept federalism because it is a prelude to the partition of Syria and there is no justification for the existence of federalism which is the subject of achieving an artificial goal, similar to that of Iraq.”

He also stressed that “all forms of intervening in Syria’s territory without the approval of its government represent an act of illegal invasion”, adding that “any form of interference is unlawful and stands as an act of aggression against Syria.”

When responding to a question about the possibility of existence of a moderate opposition in Syria, Assad said “ even some Western officials, in time of the former US President Obama said that the so-called moderate opposition is a fantasy or illusion. This is their own admission”, adding “ there are those who supported the opposition and gave it a facade of being moderate, while in reality this so-called moderate opposition does not exist. The existing armed opposition is jihadist and deviant and does not accept any form of dialogue or a solution.”

Regarding the negotiations with armed opposition, Assad said “yes, we are negotiating with them mainly because we wish to prove the world who they really are. The negotiations are a perfect way to expose their real violent nature and their unwillingness to reach a compromise.”

The Syrian president then spoke about the war on terrorism, saying “the world, led by the Western governments is said to have declared war against terrorism, yet in reality it is these Western governments themselves that are supporting terrorism. Most of the world stands against terrorism. Some countries do not explicitly announce it, but nonetheless cooperate with us in one way or another and did so even before the war. The problem of terrorism did not begin with the war in Syria.”

During an interview he also affirmed that there is no security cooperation between the Syrian and Western governments, notably France. “The French side was talking about the security cooperation before the war. However, after the outbreak of war in Syria when France took pro-terrorist position, Syria ceased security cooperation not just with France, but other Western countries that supported the terrorists, as well because no security cooperation is possible amid the political hostility.”

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