April 3, 2017: Today’s Ukraine war crimes, with a sitrep on Ukrainian army [videos]

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April 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Christelle NEANT in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –
Note: Néant’s report is dated April 1. I get behind. (I wish they’d stop, and I could catch up.)

Donetsk crew hauls away debris from bombed out residence. Screen capture from video below.

As a new ceasefire came into effect at midnight, Ukraine wanted to show how much it disdains to honor its commitments on the first day of the ceasefire, despite their beautiful promises to Angela Merkel. 

So, in the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire in the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) 86 times, seven times after midnight. Everything from small-caliber weapons to heavy artillery, 122 mm and 152 mm shells, and even apparently white phosphorus ammunition. Indeed, last night during the bombing of the Yassinovataya crossing by the Ukrainian army, the video that was taken on the spot shows the explosion of several incendiaries that appear to be white phosphorus:

The cartridges of these exploded and unexploded projectiles will be analyzed for verification. But if this is confirmed it would be a new cynical war crime of the Ukrainian army against the Donbass population, rounding out a week already well loaded with 5,417 mortar shells, tank or artillery fire by the the Ukrainian army on the DPR, even with the new cease-fire just entered into force.

These bombings resulted in one death and one casualty among the DPR army, which added to the 6 dead and 20 wounded of the week (including civilians and soldiers), and destroyed several houses, as in the district of Petrovskyi in Donetsk, where Sébastien Hairon went to film the damage:

In total, in the last 24 hours, three houses and one school were damaged or destroyed in the DPR, and five villages in the republic were deprived of electricity as a result of the bombing of the Ukrainian army.

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In the People’s Republic of Lugansk (LPR), the ceasefire was barely one hour old … By 1:20 am, the Ukrainian army started shelling Kalinovka, and then other parts of the Front, there also with the whole range ranging from light weapons to artillery of 122 mm.

There are provocations which can not be seen to be serious in terms of offensive, as the state of the Ukrainian army is between pitiful and frightening.

Indeed, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced barely 28 dead and 175 wounded in March, while the actual figures are about 70 dead and over 350 wounded among Ukrainian soldiers (figures from hospitals and Organizations of Ukrainian volunteers). There are so many wounded that some soldiers are sent to the military hospital in Kiev.

These constant lies demoralize the Ukrainian soldiers and they desert en masse. As a result of this lack of soldiers the planned rotations in the ATO area are suspended sine-die. But this strategy further increases dissatisfaction among soldiers who want to go home and are increasingly disobeying their commanders. All these manifestations of discontent are severely repressed by the division Alpha of the SBU which has arrived in the zone of the ATO.

The clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (which is not recognized by anybody) has also tried to motivate men by sending priests to the front to bless the Ukrainian soldiers who kill civilians by portraying it as a “spiritual salvation” (Sic).

In spite of all this, the ATO command is obliged to impose a movement restriction on its soldiers from 10 pm to 5 am in Kramatorsk, Dzerzhinsk, Dmitrov and Konstantinovka to reduce the number of deserters who are leaving to go back home.

And it is not the rumors of imminent offensive on the part of the DPR, propagated in order to reinforce the combativity of the Ukrainian soldiers, that improve the situation. On the contrary, the inhabitants of the localities near the front report that the Ukrainian soldiers are buying civilian clothes to melt among the inhabitants in case of an escalation of the situation, and hide the fact that they are soldiers.

Any resemblance to the techniques of the jihadists to escape from Aleppo is not a fortuitous coincidence … With an army in such a state it is hard to see how the Ukrainian command hopes to carry out a large-scale offensive, which unfortunately seems more and more inevitable, the while that Ukraine plunges in every category (60% of the population currently lives below the poverty line according to the United Nations).

The clock is turning, and Ukraine continues its descent into hell. The question now is not “if” but “when” will Ukraine touch the bottom and attack Donbass in hopes of rising to the surface?”  

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