Assad is responsible for the US Strikes on Syria. Really? French folk mock their leadership’s line

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April 8, 2017 -Fort Russ News –

Part one, Resistance Republicaine, translated by Tom Winter. Note:The writing in RR is blunt and informal, and so is the translation –

This is what the merdias serve us as per usual. No evidence of anything! Just like Saddam Hussein with his massive weapons. [Merdia, of course is a mix of merde (sh*T) and media –tr]

Why would Assad do the inconceivable when the US made it clear that Syria was no longer a priority! Think of it … Manipulation from the get-go.

Did anybody wait for an investigation? I am the first to say that if the investigation shows that these chemical attacks came from Assad, it will be necessary to intervene as quickly as possible and drag him in a straitjacket before the international tribunal. But that should have been foundational. Step one. But no inquiry, no retrospection for seeing clearly.

The SOBs who find it messy to have a Sunni crescent from Arabia to Turkey — tainted by a few Shiites and Alawites and Christians — want, cost what it may, to be done with Assad and the minorities of the Near East. What a shame ! How many betrayals. And of course, the American strikes, under the effect of emotion, not of reason, brought the poodles out of their niche.

Holland jubilates: “I have been telling you for a long time that we have to intervene in Syria”. Hurrah, the opportunity is unexpected! Yes, but on whose account Mr. Hollande? And Macron, the voice of his master: Woof wouof! to tell you what awaits us if he gets elected. The nul in geo, the nul in history and we will give him the nuclear codes? Look at the side of Arabia and Qatar, Messieurs Macron, Hamon! At the ones who are the basis of all this chaos in Syria.

Everyone knows that Jibhat Al Nosra and other criminal organizations hold chemical weapons. Everyone – politicians – knows today that all low blows are allowed to these scoundrels. But shh, Assad is the criminal. Your evidence coming from bands of clowns? 

And if they do not know it’s even more serious. They have forgotten the decapitations, the rapes, the slavery that they practiced, those who are designated as rebels? Bizarre, it does not make headlines, knowing that every day carries its share of crime and horror, by whom? By those who fight Assad. Yes there is opposition in Syria, but Syria has been largely infiltrated by the waste of humanity.

It is hallucinogenic seeing how justice, truth and honor get hidden away for basically material interests. They absolutely want to get their pipeline through Syria, and Assad must be got rid of as quickly as possible, at any price. Then all the lies are legitimate.

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Donald Trump acted emotionally, which in my opinion is a monumental mistake for a leader of a country like the US. I have great difficulty in believing this error. When one is president, one reflects and seeks truth. What a desappointment!
I hope that they do not stir with Russia, for Vladimir Putin has shown us what he is capable of.

And finally, and first, my thoughts go to the Syrian people who pay the price, to their innocent children who have seen nothing of life but its horrors. Let them rest in peace. Let the light be made, and let the guilty party pay the strongest price.
I am waiting for the evidence. –Christine Tasin, Editor, Resistance Republicaine

Part Two Resistance Republicaine
Like other species of Pokémon, Pikachu are often captured and groomed by humans to fight other Pokémon for sport. — Wikipedia 

Trump is letting himself get locked up by the establishment … by reacting without taking the time to reflect, without first making direct contact with Putin.
His on-the-spot reactions are commonplace, it is pitiful and well exploited by all those who want to harm him.

According to the Russians, the Iraqi air force bombed a rebel-held warehouse where there was a supply of chemical bombs destined for ISIS in Iraq, an unfortunate detail that seems unknown.

But of course, everyone points to Assad … including Trump. The best, as Pikachu wishes, “is that these wastrels destroy one another as long as possible. “

It is not impossible at all, to start with an Iran war against Saudi Arabia … on condition that we do not interfere and let them get screwed up.

Note by Christine Tasin
The only real problem now is whether Trump will acknowledge his mistake and apologize to Assad or persist and throw the wild beasts against Assad. In this case, the manipulations we have experienced for the Iraq war and the destruction of this country, to the delight of Saudi Arabia (among others) will resume on a large scale.

In short, will Trump go back pedaling to become Trump again or will he scream with the wolves and launch the hallali against Assad?
The answer to this question is very serious and the consequences incalculable.

Without having the least certainty as to Assad’s responsibility, Trump thus violated his word, doubly. By abandoning the Syrian head of state aimed at the Islamists and the EI to whom Trump had declared war. By intervening abroad, after clarification during his campaign that the United States would no longer be the gendarmes of the world … Besides this is the same Trump who wants to reduce the participation of the United States to the UN of 50 per cent who … criticizes Assad for not obeying this same corrupt UN.

 Trump is walking backwards and rejecting many of his campaign promises, procrastinating until, no doubt, he will abandon his anti-globalization plans altogether.
NATO? Nothing new … The United States is always involved, always gendarme of the world.
Climate and COP 21? The decision was postponed to the end of May.
The End of NAFTA? We do not talk about it any more …
All this is a lot, a lot …
What will happen if the Americans – and the peoples of the West – have proof that they have been deprived of their fundamental rights, those of deciding the future of their nations and peoples?
Will there be civil wars everywhere to turn out the globalists, the dictators?
For the moment, only Putin holds the road …

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