“Bloody nightmare” : VKS Russia and “Tigers” together kill more than 1,000 Al-Qaeda terrorists in Hama (+3 Videos)

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April 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– RusVesna – Translation by James Harmon

“Bloody nightmare” appears as terrorist units encounter Russian and Syrian special forces units.

In the evening on April 25, units of the so-called “moderate opposition” including terrorists “Tahrir al-Sham” (Dzhebhat en-Nusra, affiliated with Al-Qaeda) and “The Islamic Party of Turkestan” tried to dislodge government forces from the previously liberated villages Massasna and Zalaykiyata.

That night, the terrorists announced hastily that they had taken the village back via social media.

Early the next morning from the area, there were reports that the militants’ second attack was repelled and the villages are still under the control of government forces. According to the Ministry of Defense, during the last offensive, the terrorists have lost more than a hundred people who were killed and about 220 who were wounded.

The terrorists have lost nine vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, one tank, and four BMP’s. A Syrian anti-tank armored car, was converted into a “jihad-mobile” bomb was destroyed as a result of a detonation that killed at least 20 thugs. The nightmare is not over for the militants, it seems.

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On the evening of April 26th, the Syrian Arab army in the north of Hama province moved to a new offensive. With the support of FSI Russian Air Force and SAR government troops freed the scourge from terrorist controlled town Zor-Mahruka and Bayda north of Half, and came very close to the southern outskirts of the city of El Latamna.

Russian and Syrian aircraft bombed terrorists who penetrated deep into the defense – in the vicinity of the settlements of El Latamna, of Chair Zeit and Murek.

During these days the following terrorist leaders have been eliminated during the engagments: Abu Aisha al-Ansari (Tunisia), Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abu Rabi (Saudi Arabia), Abu Karar al-Nazran (Saudi Arabia, “Tahrir al-Sham”) of Abu Ayub Al -Turkestani Riva Abu Qatada Taha Hussein al-Matar, Bilal Abdul Dzhalili Mustafa Saleh.

It is also known that one of the legendary leaders of the group “Jaish al-Izza” Juma Al-Khaled (Juma Besmertny) was eliminated, as well as field commander Ahmad Al-Rammama Abu Ibrahim. Over the past couple of weeks, the terrorists have lost about 50 field commanders.

Groups recognize their losses daily, publishing obituaries on their websites. Here is an illustration of the leaders who were killed in the last couple of days.

The professionalism and skill of Russian and Syrian pilots contributed to the victory of the government troops. According to information from social networks, on the eve of the onset of militancy in the vicinity of the village of Al-Bayda in the province of Hama, some groups refused to obey their command and participate in engaging allied troops militarily.

They stated on social media, the motivation for their refusal was due to lack of medical supplies, ammunition, and ineptitude of their commanders, because they have lost a lot “Mujahideen” and suffered one defeat after another. 
Due to the result of the successful actions of government troops, in addition to large casualties among the terrorists, was the liberation of the territories occupied by terrorists in the beginning of the year. In addition, the jihadists finally lost the initiative and are not able to successfully conduct combat operations in the north of the province of Hama, and huge losses in their ranks, may force them to think more about current living militants operating across the country and giving them amnesty, or finally go to a real dialogue with the authorities, refusing to participate in propagating the actions of terrorists from abroad.
Last night, the terrorists “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” and “Jaish al-Izza” began another offensive in the north of Hama, intending to cause a blow to the Syrian Arab Army in the village of Al-Massasna.

Terrorists launched an offensive attack with several suicide bombers in vehicles packed with explosives in an attempt to suppress the defense forces stationed to protect Al-Massasna.

The group failed to achieve its goals, they were destroyed on approach and a series of loud explosions thundered near the village.

After the attacks, jihadists stormed the defenses of the Syrian Arab Army, leading to intense engagement of government forces, that lasted more than three hours.

They could not break the defense of the SAA. Many of the terrorists died, and the survivors were forced to stop the attack and flee the battlefield.

It is reported that more than 25 militants were killed and injured during the failed offensive on Massasnu, among them a number of foreign mercenaries.

On Friday, the SAA decided to suspend the active offensive operations, but in the media, there continues to emerge new photos and videos of insurgents killed.

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