Fort Russ Top Hits of the Week – April 16th to April 22nd, 2017

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April 23rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

– Fort Russ Editorial Team 

For our Sunday readers, we bring to you the week’s highlights in the news. Click on the headlines below for further reading.

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Sunday , 16th April

Moscow Rejects Repetition of Iraqi Scenario in Syria

Syria, Iran and Russia to Fight Terrorism and Military Aggression Jointly

Monday, 17th April

Lavrov schools Tillerson in basic lessons of history [Video]

Tuesday, 18th April

Yemen launches Iranian-made missiles into Saudi Arabia. Mattis flies to Saudi Arabia

US Air Force requests Russian permission for flights over Syria

Wednesday, 19th April

The Glorious Achievement of US’s Ukropia

Russia becomes a global leader in grain exports, ministry of agriculture wants counter-sanctions extended by 10 years

Thursday, 20th April

BREAKING: Large scale Ukraine attack on Donbass Imminent

Fake News Bust: There are no “Gay Gulags” in Chechnya

Friday, 21st April

Lavrov: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will include 43% of global population with India and Pakistan

“Russia Today” cancels contract with Reuters, too many lies

China to Cooperate With Russia in Settling the Crises in Syria and North Korea

Saturday, 22nd April

Russia to Boost Syrian Air Defense

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