French editorial: “Trump has just made his first major international mistake”


April 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Boulevard Voltaire, unsigned editorial, translated by Tom Winter –

One can understand that Donald Trump felt emotional seeing these small bodies killed by sarin gas. But didn’t he act too quickly, shooting off his Tomahawk fire at the Syrian military airport in Shayrat? Didn’t he thus contradict his desire not to have America play the gendarme of the world? Had he not infringed the sovereignty of a country whose president he had defended a few days before?

One can fear the worst, if he were to take up a desire for retribution or revenge by triggering the nuclear fire of which he is the only one to possess the key! That he reacted so with Merkel and Holland, but with Putin’s total disapproval, could be pardoned if he were assured that it was the Syrian air force that bombarded the town of Khan Sheikhun with chemical weapons.

But nothing proves it, except the words of two organizations whose history confirms that they are an unwavering support to the rebellion, and therefore to the terrorist rebels: the “White Helmets” and the OSDH (Observatory Syrian human rights), whose goal is to dethrone Assad.

Damascus and Moscow contradicted, of course, the rebel version that got ratified with the rapidity of a flash in Washington, Paris and Berlin. The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that on April 4, Syrian air strikes hit a terrorist warehouse housing toxic substances near the town of Khan Sheikhun. If this warehouse contained no chemical weapons, the world would not have manifested its emotion.

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But everyone forgets a little too quickly that it is the so-called “rebel” terrorists who possess such weapons. Those of the regime were destroyed and finished their careers in the Mediterranean in 2013, under the control of the OPCW. Such weapons in the form of gas cylinders have been found abundantly in the ruins of East Aleppo and have been used again this Friday, according to Abdul Satar Al Abu, Mayor of Mosul, in this city of Iraq against the civilian population, without so much as a flutter from Trump or the press.

And who will profit from this US bombardment destroying one of the strategic bases that aviation of Bashar uses against Daech? Well, yes, Trump has just made his first major international mistake: he will allow jihadists on all sides, and in the first place the Islamic state, to regain ground so dearly acquired by Assad and the coalition.

Syria, bag of knots or nest of vipers, has not finished suffering. Thank you Donald Trump. As Thierry Mariani, who has traveled to Syria several times this year, has wisely said, “we should investigate and determine the real culprit. I did expect more from Hillary Clinton than from Donald Trump. “

“This is an aggression against the Syrian army and state, in violation of international law and the UN Charter,” said Syrian political scientist Taleb Ibrahim. Aggression carried out in a hurry, without any proof. “Soil samples were taken and forwarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” said Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Minister. This gas would have come from Turkey. Assad, for his part, asserted that he had no interest in killing his people so horribly, but were any of his words audible in the press?

Once again, we must ask ourselves the question who benefits from the crime!

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