Human Rights rep tells UN sanctions are a bust

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April 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Argumenti i Fakti, translated by Tom Winter –

The UN hears a report that new structures are emerging in the Russian Federation, and new investors are coming to the country

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Moscow, April 27 – AIF-Moscow.
The Russian economy has adapted to the restrictive measures of the United States and the European Union, noted the representative of the UN Council on Human Rights Idris Jazaire.
As reported by RIA Novosti, Jazairi noted in his report that the Russian economy, after the fall of key indicators in 2017, went into a growth phase.

“That is, there was an adaptation to the situation. It seems to me that if the sanctions remain, they will not have a dramatic impact on the situation in Russia,” he added.

Jazairi added that Russia is adapting to the policy of trading partners, new structures are emerging, and new investors are coming in. According to him, new models of trade at the initial stage will entail certain costs, but in the future their effectiveness will increase.

The representative of the UN HRC stressed that the result of the sanctions policy was damage not to the target country, but to the whole system of international trade in general.

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