Interview in Ukraine: Georgian mercenary announces Kiev’s preparation for “Operation Storm”


April 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Военное обозрение [Military Review] translated by Tom Winter –

Militia group displays flag of the Georgian National Legion, a volunteer battalion fighting for the Ukrainian army. Kedelashvili at right.
Shota Kedelashvili, center, from his facebook page

A Georgian mercenary announces Kiev’s preparation for the launch of Operation “Storm”

Today, 10:53
It’s the latest confirmation that in the Donbass on the Kiev side the largest number of mercenaries represent Georgia.** At the same time, it turns out that the Georgian mercenaries are literally pushing the Ukrainian army toward action.

Thus, in an interview with the Ukrainian news portal Obozrevatel, the self-proclaimed commander of the Georgian National Legion, Shota Kedelashvili spoke of “preparing the forces for the beginning of the operation.” According to some reports, the planned operation is called “Storm” and involves the breakthrough of the contact line in several sectors.

According to Kedelashvili, “the operation is designed to clear the territory of Donbass from Russian invaders.” 

The Georgian mercenary had nothing to say about why the Ukrainian security forces, trying to “clean the Donbass of the occupiers,” still actively bombard and continue to shell the peaceful neighborhoods of the cities of the Donetsk Peoples Repubic and the Lugansk Peoples Republic.

The publication Polyekspert quotes the comment of Boris Podoprigora, former deputy commander of the unified grouping of forces in the North Caucasus. According to the expert, the Ukrainian forces are clearly raring for combat, trying to justify their activities and plans by allegedly fighting with the Russian army.

From the comment of the expert:
“A significant part of the Ukrainian military is based on a formal error. Only 1/55 of the country is under the control of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as counted in Ukraine. 

“Therefore, they always want to believe that one successful fight – and everything will stop. But they’ve tried so much and so long already that if it were all so arithmetically simple, then the war in the Donbass would have been a thing of the past long since.”

At the same time, Boris Podoprigora notes that the statements of the Georgian mercenary about the forthcoming provocation in the Donbass “can not be ignored.”
** Translator did not observe substantiation of this statement. I only translated the text.

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