Kiev completes dam project to cut off Crimea water supply

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April 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter – 
Note: The article is written from the Ukrainian point of view.

RT published this satellite image in 2014, when the project started with sandbags.

Not a drop of water to Crimea – Ukrainian media rejoice at the closing of the Kherson dam

The Ukrainian media noted a powerful help on April 1: now the North-Crimean Channel (SCC) will not not let pass a single drop of water. To enjoy the view of the dry channel instead of the one barely wet, the sandbags have been replaced by a concrete dam.

April 2014, construction begins with sandbags right from the bridge over the Kherson Canal. Source.

Today: the two sides of the Kherson dam

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“Symbolically. This is the gateway to the Crimea. On one side, in the Kherson region, they are wet, on the other, on the part of the occupied Crimea, it’s dry. And they will be dry until the end of the occupation, “said the chief editor of one of the Ukrainian media on his social network page.

Expenditures for the construction of a concrete dam were fully justified by the damage inflicted on the economy of the Russian peninsula. As the head of a Crimean Tatar family told us, the water “from Ukraine used to seep through and on the former bottom of the canal the grass grows longer in the spring,” which allows the family to graze a small sheep flock there, two dozen heads.

Now the “freebie,” obviously, has come to an end. Presumably, if the water continues to leak through the aquifers formed over the decades, the neighbors “price will be no object” and will finish an underground part of the dam for several million more.

“The occupiers will have to build an aqueduct of fresh water from Russia to the occupied Crimea under the sea water (the exact quotation – RV) of the Black Sea,” the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian media rejoices.

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