More Foreign Terrorists Killed and Arrested by the Syrian Army

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April 22nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –   

Syrian Army and allied groups made new advancements and territorial gains throughout the country on Saturday.

In the northern countryside of Hama province, army units engaged in heavy clashes with Al Nusra Front terrorists and their allies at Al Nasseriye and Al Mintar hills, killing and injuring lots of terrorists. An important strategic point north of Souran was gained, close to the town of Lahaya, in addition to establishing control over the farms in Al Nasseriye, located between the towns of Helfaya and Taibat al-Imam. A field commander of Ahrar Al Sham was among the killed terrorists. Several foreign nationals, including Saudis, Turks, Indonesians and Tunisians, fighting alongside Al Nusra, were also killed.

Special operations, targeting terrorists supply lines coming from Al Latamneh and Kafr Zeta towards the town of Helfaya, were carried out and resulted in destruction of many vehicles. The army is currently very close to the strategic town of Helfaya as it already gained control of the nearby Qamhana, along with several defensive lines, close to Helfaya. Machine gun-equipped armed vehicles, belonging to the terrorists, were destroyed during the operations.

New losses were also inflicted upon the ISIS terrorists, stationed in Deir Ez Zour city. 15 terrorists were killed in Al Matar Al Qadim neighborhood, in addition to destruction of a 150-meters-long tunnel that was used by the terrorists to transport and store weapons and ammunition.

Operations also resumed in the western province of Lattakia. Intense strikes were carried out against Al Nusra Front positions in the surrounding areas of of Kabani, Zahret Al Deghleh, Fulla, Al Yamdiya, Al Hamboushiye, and Al Tufahiye, located in the northern countryside of Lattakia. Dozens of terrorists were killed and three machine-guns nests and six vehicles, equipped with heavy machine-guns, were destroyed. Later on Saturday, the clashes continued in Akbani, located in the north-eastern countryside of Lattakia.

The Syrian army also made new gains in the surrounding areas of Zabadani and Bludan, located in the northern countryside of Damascus. The city of Damascus was, however, once again shelled by terrorists, operating in the vicinity. A female resident was killed and few other people were injured as a result of a mortar fire.
A terrorist gang,
led  by a Saudi national, was arrested by the Syrian Army in Qaboun

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