Official Caught Selling Residence Permits To Migrants and Refugees


April 24th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Tiroler Tageszeitung  – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Austrian official, working for the Lower Austrian Foreign Office of the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs and Asylum (BFA), is suspected of having sold residence permits to the migrants and refugees.

According to a report in the Saturday edition of Die Presse, the allegedly corrupted official was in charge of issuing residence permits and is said to have demanded up to 2,500 Euros per issuing a single one. The residence permits were sold to the refugees and migrants from the refugee camp in a town of Traiskirchen, located in the district of Baden in Lower Austria.

The State Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Crime and Corruption confirmed the existence of an ongoing investigation. According to spokeswoman Ingrid Maschl-Clausen, the official is suspected to be involved in the acts of bribery and corruption.

The allegedly corrupted official has already been suspended in Autumn 2016. The number of residence permits sold is assumed to be in the “single-digit range”. If suspicion of bribery turns out to be legitimate, the asylum seekers involved will have to repeat the whole process of obtaining a residence permit.

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