Playing With Fire: How Modern Terrorism Rose to Power in Europe

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April 4th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Analysis by Samer Hussein for FRN – 

Not too long after the outbreak of war in Syria in March 2011, the world became a considerably less safe place. Only in the last 3 years there was a mass surge of terror attacks, taking place all over the world, especially in Europe and the Middle East. Such occurrences shall not come as surprising, given the fact how many of the governments and intelligence agencies kept at least one of their eyes shut in regards to the rise of religious extremism.

Years before the outbreak of war in Syria, we could have already seen a growing number of Islamist institutions, organizations and preachers that were spreading hateful ideology about “annihilating the infidels”. Despite this, hardly any government or its institution has taken an action. In contrast with the Islamists , the authorities and secret services would often react hysterically to the activities of domestic nationalist groups. 

Finally, with the emergence of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists in Syria, many of them coming from the so-called “first world nations”, it became clear why there was a silence in regards to the Islamists and their activities. Majority of the European governments decided to support the so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria and portrayed them as democracy-loving freedom fighters, struggling against an evil dictator that is enjoying killing his own people, deliberately ignoring the fact that the majority, if not all of these “moderate rebels” were in fact foreign-born jihadists who have come to Syria to slaughter the people they label as infidels (and all those who object their presence too) in order to establish a Wahhabi caliphate, even more extreme than that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The vampirish image of Bashar Al Assad in which he is portrayed as some sort of a male incarnation of Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess, known for enjoying to bath herself in the blood of the young virgins, has helped the Western governments a lot. Majority of the public were indeed deceived by the corporate mainstream media narrative on the Syrian conflict. Not even seeing the Bin-Laden look-alikes that were practically screaming who they really are, was apparently enough to cast some shadow of a doubt on accuracy of such media reports. 

Despite their propaganda efforts, the anti-Assad-leaning European governments have received a cold shower. The balance of war has since early, 2012 when Syrian Army started to make major gains, shifted to Assad’s side where it remained since. Disappointed with the outcome, the EU governments only increased their support for the “moderate” terrorist groups, rather than seeking a solution with Assad and thus preventing a major humanitarian disaster as well as terrorist attacks that would later strike their own soil. 

With the emergence of ISIS, the European governments finally realized that may have gone too far in their experimentation with the “moderate” Islamist groups. Given the threat that ISIS suddenly posed, they immediately began to curb it, but in a no effective or sincere way. The governments were put in a state of dilemma of what to do, which was mainly their own fault as they blocked themselves from coordinating with the government of Bashar Al Assad that could provide its assistance in their attempts of curbing the threat of ISIS. 

Instead, they went off with some minor surveillance increase, and few airstrikes on ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria, in most cases without coordinating with the governments of both countries (and thus violating their airspace and the international law) and that mostly resulted in civilian casualties and infrastructural damage. It was evident from the start that such moves only have a symbolic meaning in order to mislead and convince the public about actually making some effort.

In August 2015, the Turkish wannabe-sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan flooded Europe with millions of Syrian and non-Syrian refugees, migrants and even few terrorists on the run. By making this, Erdogan was first and foremost trying to “blackmail” the European governments, should they not listen to his demands, mainly as regards the Turkish accession to the EU. This was a thing that was for many rather unexpected and ended up with disastrous results. The European governments have nonetheless tried to shift the blame for the ongoing situation to no other than Bashar Al Assad and blamed his “brutality” for the influx of the refugees and migrants, but gave up eventually due to the increased evidence of EU-Turkish meddling with the terrorists.


Not long after the outbreak of the migrant crisis, the EU memberstates became devastated with all sorts of terror attacks, claimed by ISIS. “Coincidentally” a vast majority of people, involved in the attacks were EU citizens and have previously fought against Bashar Al Assad, on the side of what was previously known as the “peace and democracy-loving moderate rebels” and received large amounts of financial aid, lots of which was actually contributed by the ISIS terrorism-affected memberstates.

This, however, did not stop the fetishist obsession with Bashar Al Assad of some major EU politicians. Only a day after the horrible attacks that took place in Paris on November Friday the 13th 2015, French President Francois Hollande announced that his government will increase the aid to the “moderate armed opposition” in Syria. Such statements certainly speak for themselves and indeed, not long after, an ISIS terrorist and a former “peace-loving rebel” killed several people in Nice when he rammed his truck into the crowd. The Hollande’s government immediately responded with few strikes against ISIS in Syria, that ended up with 120 civilians being killed, mostly children and the elderly, while ISIS were left pretty much intact.

A similar incident related to the one in Nice later occurred around the Christmas time in Berlin, Germany, a country whose government also supported the “moderate” islamist rebels in the beginning and which, despite the opposition from the public, nonetheless decided to let uncontrolled number of people into the country, despite receiving Russian and Syrian warnings about potential and actual terrorists being mixed with the incoming masses. It is therefore not surprising how an anti-Assad democracy-loving peaceful rebel-turned ISIS terrorist rammed his stolen truck into the Christmas shoppers in Berlin and killed about a dozen of people.

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To find an answer to an endless question of why is there a terrorism on the rise in Europe, we have to look at some things from the past. Ever since the western countries supported the Saudi-backed Mujaheedes in Afghanistan and their war against Soviets, the Saudi Wahhabi ideology was rising to prominence throughout the Arab and the Muslim states. Eventually it also reached the European shores and mostly came with Saudi investments. The Saudis (as well as some Gulf state rulers) have set the terms that in order to receive their investments, the European countries must assure the existence of the Salafi and the Wahhabi mosques, schools and institutes within their borders. The European politicians, who were only looking after their own personal benefits naturally said “yes”, obviously not caring about the possible negative consequences of such actions. 

On top of that, the Salafi and Wahhabi indoctrinates, many of whom are former criminals, proved to be excellent tools to be used in current and future conflicts, as evident from the Balkan wars and later Iraq, Afghanistan and of course Libya. As such, these radicals were considered ideal to crush the government of Bashar Al Assad under excuse of a humanitarian cause. There are, however, two thing the European governments did not predict when they helped to initiate the Syrian conflict: Triumph of Bashar Al Assad and a boomerang effect of the “moderate rebels”. The latter has come at a dire cost and the “Assad curse” has since hit most of the politicians who ingloriously ended their political career and were formerly bragging about Assad’s 2 weeks of political life left at the start of the Syrian conflict. 

As terrorism is difficult to completely eradicate once it emerges, the European governments will have to do everything possible to bring the level of terrorist threat as close to zero as possible. Currently the most suitable way (also advocated by some political parties such as Alternative für Deutschland and Front National whom the corporate mainstream media falsely dubs as “ the new generation far-right racist extremists”) would be to join forces with the Russian-Syrian led anti-terrorist coalition and ban all institutions and media outlets that are encouraging or even instructing the people to commit acts of terror. At the same time, their diplomacy shall be focused on finding the peaceful solutions in conflicting situations. Until then, the EU countries and their citizens will roll in a neverending circle of violence, terror and hypocrisy that draws it.

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