“Putin’s Arctic lair” – revealed

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April 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RT Russian – by  Inessa Sinchougova

“Russia has built the largest man-made structure in the Arctic, where it will be place its troops. This new base is part of Moscow’s ambitions “to seize oil-rich areas of the polar region “, write The Times.

Originally, the Russian Defense Ministry published detailed pictures of the new multi-storey base, located on the island of Alexandra Land at 80 degrees North latitude.

The Complex consists of a total area of 14 thousand M2 , and is able to house at least 150 personnel. In addition to living quarters there is a cinema, a chapel, a billiard room and a conservatory.

The building itself is made in the form of a cloverleaf and painted in the colors of the Russian flag. Such a base design allows one to navigate staff not having to go outside, where the temperature can drop to 50 degrees below zero.

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During his recent visit to the island, Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of the Arctic for the Kremlin. “This region contains reserves of minerals which are crucial for the development of the Russian economy “, – said the president. He added that the value of mineral resources in the region is estimated at $ 30 trillion.

Countries with territory in the Arctic – Russia, Canada, the United States, Denmark and Norway – have put forward to the United Nations competing proposals for the development of these vast hydrocarbon reserves. 

According to The Times, Moscow is trying to gain a foothold in this region. Russian is training Arctic brigades, restoring Soviet airbases and radar stations, as well as relocating its missile defense systems to the region.

Putin has clamped down talk of a possible confrontation in the Arctic, saying: ” We are not going to fight or compete here with the United States .” At the same time, he stressed that the Russian armed forces and intelligence agencies should protect the national interests in the region.

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