Slovak MP Blasts the EU for its Double Standards and Hypocrisy


April 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Luboš Blaha, Slovak politician and a member of the left-wing SMER-SD Party, has criticized EU policies towards particular states, namely Russia, Syria and Yemen.

He stressed that the EU policies are based on double standards, a thing evident from how the EU often raises its voice against Russia when the latter is conducting military operations in Syria, but becomes completely silent when the United States are openly violating international law.

He then pointed out to the illegal US missile strike on Syria which was done in complete violation of international law, yet the EU, instead of criticizing or condemning such actions, decided to adopt a rather “tolerant” stance towards the US aggression.

He also reminded of the indiscriminate US bombardment of Mosul and the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, caused by the US-backed Saudi aggression and being targeted against civilians, noting the hypocrisy of EU which was silent towards both issues, but was constantly raising its voice against the Russian counter-terrorist intervention in Aleppo, right before the city became liberated and free of the threat.

Upon finishing his speech, he said the annihilation of ISIS should be among the primary goals of the EU and to achieve that, initiating ties with Russia would obviously be of essential importance.

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