“Strike and You Will Face Consequences!” – Moscow to Washington

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April 11th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy –  – translated by Samer Hussein –      

Tensions between Washington and Moscow, in the wake of the US missile strike on Syria, are not cooling off. The latter has said it would respond immediately, should the US decide to target Syrian military sites once more.

Vice Chairman of the State Duma for Defense, Yuri Hvitekin, however, said that Russia would likely not respond to any US aggression directly, noting that the Syrian air defense alone is strong enough to address any possible threat. According Hvitekin, steps taken by Russia, are sufficient and represent everything Russia can do within the scope of the international law. He also added that there are Russian military facilities and installations on Syrian territory, pointing out that should the Trump administration ever decide to strike them, there will be consequences. “it will not be words. Instead, it will be actions.”, he was heard saying.

Viktor Ozerov, Chairman of the Russian Federal Council Defence and Security Committee, said that it is primarily the task of the Syrian Armed Forces to respond to the US or any other foreign aggression, adding that the Syrian Army has the legal right to do it. 

Moscow has recently suspended the US – Russia agreement on ensuring the safety of jet flights over Syrian territory and called on the UN Security Council to set up an emergency meeting in order to discuss the US strike on Syria.

The Russian statements come, following an announcement by the US administration on Monday that further strikes await Syria, should its army resort to the use of chemical weapons one more time. The US administration, however provided no evidence of chemical weapons ever being used against civilians. The accusations have since been refuted by the Syrian government, which also provided evidence to the UN that the terrorist groups, operating in the affected area, are in possession of the chemicals.

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