Syria: ISIS Attacks Civilians, More Terrorists Leave Al Waar, Army Scores New Victories

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April 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein

At least one adult female and one adolescent female citizen were killed and 26 others injured in an ISIS bombing that occurred in Al Joura neighborhood of Deir Ez Zour city on Tuesday.

According to the field reports, ISIS terrorists shelled and bombed an area where citizens come to collect the drinkable water. The attacks are said to have been carried out by RC drones. The injured civilians, majority of them women and children, have already been rushed to the hospitals.

The attacks come amid the Syrian Army victories against ISIS terrorists in the outskirt areas of Deir Ez Zour city. Dozens of terrorists were killed when army units pounded ISIS gatherings and positions in Al Tharda Mountain, located west of Deir Ez Zour city, in addition to destroying 2 tanks and a vehicle equipped with machine-gun.

The Syrian Army also continued its offensive against ISIS and Al Nusra Front terrorists and their allies in the northern countryside of Hama province. A booby-trapped bulldozer and an ISIS vehicle were destroyed during the operations against the terrorists in Al Azib valley, located north-east of Salamiya city.

Further operations were also carried out against Al Nusra Front terrorists and their allies in the suburban areas of Daraa and Damascus. Severe losses were inflicted upon the terrorists when their positions in Al Sad Road, south of Khazan Al Karak and to the east of Al Masri Roundabout in Daraa Al Balad, were hit. Scores of terrorists were also killed during operations in Sasa Beit Jin, located south-west of Damascus.

In the province of Homs, army units foiled another infiltration attempt on their positions. Dozens of terrorists were killed when they were trying to infiltrate the army posts. It is said that they came from direction of Futhat Al Mahsa, Thanyiat Al Mzaibleh and Al Qaryatain Dam. This is the third infiltration attempt in the past two weeks, which, like the previous two, got foiled. 

Meanwhile, evacuation of the jihadists and their families continues in Al Waar district of Homs. The evacuation process is a part of the reconciliation agreement between the Syrian government and the so-called “armed opposition” and which will, according to Talal Al Barazi, the mayor of Homs, be fulfilled until the end of the month. 55 buses, carrying 519 jihadists and their families, have left Al Waar on Tuesday and are en route to the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.

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