Syria: Scores of Terrorists Killed in at Least 3 Provinces


April 1st, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Units of the Syrian Army continue with intensive operations against the terrorists all over the country.

In the Province of Deir Ez Zour, gatherings and movements of ISIS terrorists were hit. According to the field reports, army units shelled ISIS gatherings and movements, belonging to the terrorist group ISIS in the vicinity of Talleh Al Sannouf and Al Sam gas station, located south of Deir Ez Zour. Scores of terrorists were killed, in addition to the destruction of their equipment and stockpiles.

At the same time, ISIS terrorists targeted several neighborhoods in Deir Ez Zour city with rocket-propelled grenades, resulting only in the material damage to public and private property of the citizens, but not the civilians casualties.

These are major achievements since March 29th when units of the Syrian Army killed 35 ISIS terrorists and destroyed three of their vehicles, in addition to destruction of 4 heavy machine guns during operations in the vicinity of the graveyard areas and the Syrian Army Regiment 137, located south-west of Deir Ez Zour City.

Army units also managed to thwart Al Nusra Front terrorist attack on the military positions in the northern countryside of Lattakia, following heavy clashes with the terrorists, that were coming from direction of the villages of Fulla, Al Shahra and Al Shammas. Dozens of terrorists were left dead or wounded, some, however, managed to flee and left behind their ammunition and equipment.

Further strikes against Al Nusra Front terrorists were carried out in Daraa province. The army units managed to kill nearly all Al Nusra Front members that belonged to a group which was moving east of the Al Roubaei intersection in Tariq Al Sadd neighborhood of Al Sadd. A command center in Al Nazihin refugee camp in Daraa was also destroyed. 

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