Syria: Terrorists Suffer More Losses in Deir Ez Zour, Daraa and Damascus Countryside

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April 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein – 

Syrian Army continues its efforts against the terrorists. 

In the province of Daraa, army units carried out strikes against Al Nusra Front terrorists in the neighborhood of Al Karak, Al Sad road and south of the school gatherings in Daraa Al Balad area. Dozens of terrorists were left dead or wounded, in addition to destruction of 3 command centers and 2 machine-guns.

In the northern countryside of the province, army units destroyed 6 vehicles, one of which was carrying a machine-gun. A bulldozer was destroyed during the army strikes on Al Nusra Front gatherings and movements in the town of Al Hrak, the village of Al Rajom, and south of Al Wardat village in Al Lajat area.

The army also made new efforts in the province of Deir Ez Zour.

Scores of terrorists were killed and 7 machine-guns, 3 vehicles and a tanker were destroyed, while 2 machine-guns, 3 automatic rifles, 3 RPG launchers and a large number of shells were seized during operations in Al Tharda and the factories area.

Further operations were carried out in Al Makabat, Al Mayaden, the surrounding areas of the graveyards, the 17th Hill, south of the Regiment 137, Al Tharda,  and Al Taim area in Deir Ez Zour. More than 30 terrorists were killed and their equipment destroyed.

New gains were made in Damascus countryside. Earlier on Friday, a control was taken over the village of Doba, located north-west of the town of Serghaya.

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