Syria: What Al Nusra Starts, Army Thwarts

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April 14th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein   

Syrian Army units thwarted an attack, launched by Al Nusra Front terrorists on its military positions in the western countryside of Damascus.

Earlier on Friday, Al Nusra Front terrorists, arriving from direction of Mogher Al Meer and Dahar Al Aswad, were trying to mount an assault on the military positions, located within the axis of Saasa and Beit Jinn. Field sources are saying army units immediately responded and ended up killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their equipment. Some of the terrorists, however, managed to flee.

Intense strikes on Al Nusra Front positions were also carried out in northern Hama countryside. The army was particularly focused on gatherings and infiltration sites in Tibet Al Imam, Al Boweida, northern Maan, Tel Hweir, Hweir Valley, Tel Bazam, Esat Morek, Hilfaya and Al Dahdouh. Scores of terrorists were left dead and injured, in addition to destroying machinegun-equipped armored vehicles.

Al Nusra Front also faced severe losses in terms of combatants and equipment when the army units were raiding its positions in Daraa. Strikes were carried out in the neighborhoods of Al Sad and Al Nazihen in Daraa Al Balad area and the town of Al Naima.
Meanwhile the army units continued with their efforts against ISIS terrorists in the central province of Homs, striking terrorist positions in Al Zaitoun farms, Dohour Al Barsha, Rashid farm and the Peak of Ibn Arsan Mountain, located in the south-eastern countryside of Homs. Scores of terrorists were killed and their equipment and ammunition stockpiles destroyed.
Al Nusra Front is desperately trying to open up a new front in the south of Syria in order to put pressure on the advancing Syrian Army so that the latter would become more focused on the events going on at the southern front, thus easing the situation in Idleb, Northern Hama countryside and the surrounding areas of Damascus where the aforementioned coalition of terrorist groups is constantly losing the ground against the advancing Syrian Army.

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