Syrian airport resumes operations 24 hours after Trumps $60 million+ fireworks

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April 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News

Kristina Kharlova

According to RIA Novosti Syrian air force resumed flights from Shayrat airport. The planes took off on a combat mission and returned safely to base.

Only 6 planes were damaged by Trump’s $60 million 59 tomahawks. Even those 6 were old and under maintenance, according to Russian reports.

The attack left control tower and runway intact, as Russia was warned before the attack, according to numerous reports in Russia. Thus Russia did not activate its S-300 and S-400 in Syria.

Trump impressed Washington warmongers and Syrian operations continue as usual.

Russian journalists did not discover any chemical weapons at Shayrat airport.

However Russia discovered evidence that Syrian rebels had chemical weapons and used them 4 times on civilians in the past, according to Russia24.

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