Syrian Army Smashes Terrorists in Lattakia, Leaves the Battlefield Without a Scratch


April 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –   

Syrian army foiled more attacks on its positions on Thursday afternoon. All attempts by terrorists ended bitterly.

Earlier on Thursday morning, members of Tahrir Al Sham terrorist group launched an operation against the Syrian Army positions in Jabal Al Akrad, in coordination with the the terrorist group Ahrah Al Sham. The latter has also launched a separate operation on the axis of Kinsabba, Shalaf Castle and Jabal Turkman, located in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

Majority of the terrorist groups, stationed nearby participated in battles against the Syrian Army today on both, Lattakia and Idleb countryside fronts. The Idleb battle was dubbed “You’re the Victors” and was led by Tahrir Al Sham and included the elements of Turkistan Islamic Party and Ajnad Al Kavkaz. The second one that took place in Lattakia countryside was dubbed “The Patient People” and was led by Ahrar Al Sham, while also including the elements of the First Coastal Division, Free Idleb Army, Tenth Brigade, Jaysh Al Nasr and Sham Legion. 

Military sources confirmed that the attacks were coordinated from five axes, beginning in the western countryside of Idleb towards the Syrian army positions in Jabal Zahya ,Kinsabba and Shalaf Castle. The terrorists fired more than 1000 artillery shells towards the Syrian Army positions in order to provide cover for their infantry units, however this did not stop the Syrian Army which later responded with heavy artillery fire and aerial bombardment. 

The main attack occurred when the terrorists were trying to capture strategically important Shalaf Castle, located southeast of Kinsabba. As opposed to the terrorists who were met with severe losses, the Syrian Army suffered no casualties. The clashes eventually slowed down in the late afternoon hours. 

The military sources also said that the Army was on highest alert due to events in the northern countryside of Hama and carefully monitored the movements of the terrorists, in addition to creating a “fire shield” around their positions. 

Due to embarrassing results on the battlefield today, media representatives of Ahrar Al Sham and Tahrir Al Sham told their social media activists not to circulate any news about their failed attempts against the Syrian Army.

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