Syrian Forces Liberate the Town of Souran in Hama

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April 17th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein

Syrian forces continue with their operations in the Northern countryside of Hama. 

According to the field reports, army units managed to restore stability and security to the town of Souran, in addition to gaining control over Bazam hill and Al Qabban, located at the eastern entrance of Taybet Al Imam city, following intense clashes that left dozens of the terrorists dead or wounded, while the remaining ones fled towards the far north of the countryside of Hama. Engineering units of the Syrian Army are already working on dismantling the mines, planted by terrorists at the entrance of the town and between the houses in the surrounding areas.

The following terrorists are confirmed to be among the dead : Abu Qatada AlSijri, Mohanad Al Abdullah Abu Mahmoud, Mohammad Yahia Al Shimali, Mouayad Knisawi, one of the commanders of the Jaish al-Ezza terrorist group, Abu Al Bara Al Hamwi, Abu Salam Al Warraq, Abu Al Walid Al Masri, Khaled Rifaat Al Bdaiwi, Mohammad Khairallah Anfalis, Abdul-Rahaman Mahamid, Mohammad Abdullah Hnaidi, Samir Bek Ajam, Abdullah Boshi, Abdul-Rahman Al Saraj, Mahmoud Erfan Nahhas, Nidaa Yusuf Kashtou, and Mohammad Rabi Al Dadou.

9 tanks, 4 BMP vehicles, 14 drones, 139 cars, 23 command centers and three ammunition caches were also destroyed, in addition to seizing a tank, a large number of  mortar launchers, 6 machine-guns and a vast number of privately-owned weapons and ammunition.

Syrian forces are currently involved in heavy clashes with Al Nusra Front terrorists and their allies in the northern countryside of Hama province.

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