The Glorious Achievement of US’s Ukropia


April 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Op-ed by Vladimir Golstein – 

One of the greatest achievements of US State Department (Ms. Nuland in particular) and the mass media propaganda machine (NYT and WaPo in particular), was the Ukrainian mess.

Russophobia, hatred, paranoia, violence, rehabilitation of nazi ideology. It all worked in unison and created an entity that split Europe in half, as it itself got split. But Russia was clearly weakened, and so was its cooperation with Europe.

So why stop there? We know that bad examples are extremely infectious. Stupid politicians and the press that has engendered Ukistan, have decided to re-apply the methodology to the States and Europe. If it worked so well within the culture that used to treat Russians like brothers, it would surely work even better among traditionally Russophobic cultures, like Polish, British, or American. It is now working at full speed in Germany and Sweden.

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And it is not just learning by example. There are actually a lot of Ukrainian players in this game, who grew up in emigre nationalistic families of former collaborators. From Freeland, the minister of foreign affairs in Canada, to various high positioned people (but not academics, mind you, that is, people who actually study Ukraine and its complex history) in Europe and US, it is these maniacs that push the nonsense of PropOrNot, Russia meddled with our elections, Russia used the weapons which we use ourselves, Russia shot the plane that we shot in our incompetence, and stuff like that.

All of that reminds me of Ben Laden, and his cynical use in Afghanistan. First US propped him as a brave warrior against Russia, helped him build all these tunnels which we recently bombed, until he began to ran US foreign policy.

The demons that we unleash, do come back to haunt and eventually control us. Watch out for Ukrainian jihadists. I am not sure they are done yet.

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