The Washingtonian Stooges of Paris


April 22nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Ray Al Youm – – written by Roula Zain – – translated by Samer Hussein –

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault or rather Colin Powell of France as he should have been called, said his country possesses irrefutable evidence that the “Assad regime” carried out Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack and that the evidence will be presented in the coming days. Just a few days before the presidential elections, the top French politicians are still discussing their colonialist policy towards Syria and how to devour the country bit by bit.

Without even a little sense of shame, Jean-Marc Ayrault dares to pay tribute to disastrous foreign policy of France, adopted by Hollande’s cabinet. As if that not being enough already, he even said that he still feels deep sorrow and bitterness that Obama did not attack Damascus back in 2013 what would, according to him, drastically change the course of history. 

Of course, the journalists never bother themselves asking him if France changed the course of history in Syria by contributing to the destruction of the infrastructure of the Syrian state and whether the course of history changed in Libya or if the principles of French Revolution and  Declaration of Human Rights were presented to the Libyans? Do they enjoy their peace of mind now that security and stability in Paris, Marseille or Nantes, Ayrault’s hometown, are threatened?

The above statement of Jean-Marc Ayrault, related to Obama not bombing Syria back in 2013, will for sure mark the last days of his political life forever. In fact, it is an insult to the whole of France as it openly demonstrates that the foreign policy of Paris is indeed under complete control of Washington and only acts as its echo. For instance, when Washington decides that Assad’s departure is not a top priority anymore, so does Paris, a thing that recently happened in late March.

A statement, made by the French ambassador Michel Raimbaud and author of a book titled “The Storm on the Greater Middle East”, about how the EU leaders simply have no other choice but to obey the American rule, definitely comes to mind here. 

The time of Syrian war will enter the annals of history as an era when France actively armed and financed terrorists in Syria, thus shedding the blood of innocent people who did not threaten or attack France in any way. Even more – France sought to separate Aleppo from Syria and donate it to Sultan Erdogan, back in the days when he was still best friend and ally, before suddenly becoming an Ottoman dictator.

The French officials would also quickly rush to the UN Security Council, only to thwart the Syrian army progress, whether in Homs, Damascus or Aleppo and called to establish the so-called “safe zones”. No matter how far Hollande administration went in their anti-Syrian crusade, in the end, all their attempts ended up in vain.

They even hired journalists and “experts” to provide firm evidence that Assad used chemicals against civilians in the alleged Al Ghouta attacks back in September 2013, but received a cold shower not only when the Russians vetoed all their attempts to strike Syria at the UNSC, but also when American neurologists from the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) prepared an in-depth forensic study titled “Murder in the Sunmorgue” which not only greatly challenged, but even exposed their propagandist narratives. 

Paris has never issued a statement of condemnation of at least one bombing or atrocity in all four years of terrorist occupation of Aleppo, yet it suddenly remembered the suffering of the people of Aleppo and managed to turn off all lights on Eiffel Tower as an act and symbol of grieving once the Syrian flag started to wave from Aleppo citadel and all terrorists were gone. 

For nearly fourty days the residents of Damascus were without drinkable water because the “moderate terrorists” decided to punish Damascenes for the “fall of Aleppo”. Of course no French official ever issued a statement of condemnation, not even as regards the war crimes against innocent civilians, despite missiles and rockets were hitting schools, universities, historical bazaars and places of worship in the meantime.

Jean-Marc Ayrault summed up his vision for a solution in Syria by saying “We have to keep Assad’s aircraft grounded once the actual transfer of power takes place”. An even more repulsive statement was issued by Laurent Fabius, Ayrault’s predecessor who openly praised the terrorist group Al Nusra Front. That statement will surely enter the history books, used in Syrian schools and will accompany the statement, previously issued by General Henri Gouraud back in 1920, who was then in charge of French Mandate of Syria. When Gouraud entered the Ummayad Mosque in Damascus, he stepped with his shoe on the grave of Salah-ed Din, saying “We are back”, obviously referring to the Crusaders.

France attempted to tear Syria apart at least three times in modern history. The latest attempt, however, was a big failure as the dream to break Syria into thousands of pieces did not materialize.

Hollande has since applauded Trump’s strike on Syria and the French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who also congratulated Trump, called for more “heroic US actions against Syria” and even said Trump achieved everything Obama couldn’t. Hollande, however, received a cold shower upon realizing that the Syrian aircrafts took off from the bombed airbase the very next day after the bombing and even destroyed several terrorist targets.

Not only did France refused to fight against terrorists in Syria, but also provided them with arms and equipment, in addition to the funding. Its first bombardment, conducted on Syrian territory in the wake of domestic terror attacks  and allegedly aimed against the Islamic state, claimed the lives of school children and when the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian was later asked about these results of the French intervention, he simply answered that secret sites cannot be detected.

To be fair, this colonialist attitude towards Syria did not begin with the French leftist government, but rather in the era of Nicolas Sarkozy and his Foreign Minister Alain Juppe. It was their government that rushed to close the door of the French embassy in Damascus, issued a travel ban for the Syrian citizens and later also participated in imposing the EU sanctions on Syria that have since resulted in a real humanitarian catastrophe. It even went as far as to launch the Friends of Syria tribune in order to mobilize countries and NGOs to take part in the destruction of Syria. 

Paris did not shed any tears for the Syrian children who were dying of starvation due to food shortages, resulting from the economic sanctions, instead, it attacked representatives of the French political parties who visited Damascus and gave verified, legitimate accounts of what is really happening on the ground. They were later mocked by the press, known to be fond of the traitors of Syria, such as these puppets who have seen Syria only on a map or are known for their hostility towards the Baath party.

Interesting though, the French establishment ignored or even silenced a whole bunch of people, including those who are known to be critical of the Baath, but are known to be the loyalists of Syria, do not spit upon their motherland and have warned about the possible negative consequences of violent revolution at the very start of the conflict. Some of these people were even threatened to lose their jobs once they started to tell the truth. At the same time the government prepared everything necessary so that the unpatriotic people, sympathetic to terrorist groups were able to launch their major-scale media campaign of manipulations, distortions, hypocrisy and lies, insult their motherland and cheer and applaud for all anti-Syrian things there are, the US missile strike including. Now, an important question arises: Can we actually consider these people as Syrians? 

The Syria-blackout, however, was not only targeted against all good-willing Syrians. Rather, it also targeted the French MPs, known for either visiting Syria or being sympathetic to the Syrian cause. As such the group of French MPs who have recently visited Syria, were forced to relocate their session on Syria situation from the hall in the French Parliament to the building of the newly established Russian Cultural Center in Paris as this was the only way to talk freely about Syria as was also indicated by the right-wing MP Thierry Mariani who began the session by explaining that relocation was decided in order to give a better and more independent account of the Khan Sheikhoun Chemical attack that occurred in the Syrian province of Idleb on the 4th of April. In terms of political atmosphere, the Russian Cultural Center was naturally a much better choice. 

As it was recently questioned by one of the former French intelligence officers: is it really worth to pay attention to the statements of the outgoing Foreign Minister of France?

Indeed, should we really bother ourselves with that worthless mix of arrogance and ignorance, now that the three leading candidates in the upcoming presidential elections have all agreed that the French foreign policy needs to change, in particularly towards Syria and make a U-turn in direction of independence? 

Roula Zain is a Syrian writer living in France

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