Times we laughed at the US State Department, chapter three

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April 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Gathered, with remarks, by Tom Winter- 

Of course, no one laughs at 59 US Tomahawk missiles, but the reason behind them is ridiculous, and ridiculous is Latin for laughable…

US action”For the sake of the victims” –Haley

Haley, who herself said on Thursday the US is no longer interested in removing the Syrian leader, changed her tone on him on Monday, saying it does not mean Washington will accept Assad participating in future elections.

She said the Syrian people don’t want him in power, and went on to describe Assad as a war criminal and a long-time hindrance to peace.

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“It’s that we don’t think the people want Assad anymore; we don’t think that he is going to be someone that the people want to have,” Haley said.  Now, it is not the choice of the Syrian people, it’s what the State Department thinks that choice would be.

Bob Corker is a Corker again. He’s the chair, you will recall, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:
“our foreign policy has clearly and obviously become disconnected from the beliefs and desires of the American people.” Amen brother! I’m an American people, and I want these damn wars to stop! 

“I mean, let’s face it, one of the outcomes of this most recent election was about that. We have not done a good job of making sure people in our country are connected with our foreign policy.” Right again. Make us love war! 
We must have a national conversation about what constitutes core U.S. interests and as policymakers, we have to do a better job of squaring those interests—and the policies we pursue to achieve them—with the will of the folks who sent us here in the first place.” OMG! Except he means it other way to: square the will of the people with US policy. Source: “U.S. Interests, Values, and the American People”

Can’t laugh at Haley this time, but we see what she means:
“When the United Nations consistently fails to fulfill its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states, when we are compelled to take our own action. For the sake of the victims, I hope the rest of the council is finally willing to do the same”

We translate:
a) The UN’s duty is to do America’s bidding.
b) We have to make war.
c) But since it is for the victims, it will be a humanitarian war. We are compelled.

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