Trump Administration to Impose Sanctions on Amal and Hezbollah

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April 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein

A Lebanese parliamentary delegation, consisting of Liberation and Development Bloc MP Yassin Jaber, Free Patritoc Movement MP Alain Aoun and Bassem Shab, MP of the Saudi-backed Future Movement, is visiting Washington with the purpose of discussing the new US sanctions on Hezbollah as well as to participate in the 2017 spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. 

While in Washington, the delegation will have an opportunity for talks with the US officials and will focus on proposal of the new US sanctions against the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. The Trump administration is ready to go even further this time as it is allegedly preparing sanctions for Amal Movement as well. Some Lebanese outlets even claim that the sanctions could also reach the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the Free Patriotic Movement, led by the current Lebanese president Michel Aoun.

The Lebanese authorities fear that should the sanctions, which are scheduled to come into effect in the month of May, be imposed, they could have a rather negative impact on the Lebanese banking and economy in general.

Dr Mohammed Basiri, the third vice governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, informed the Association of Banks that political contacts need to be made in order to avoid the implication of such law.

As a result, a parliamentary delegation was sent to United States in order to convince their administration not to impose the sanctions that would negatively impact the Lebanese economy. 

The US already imposed financial sanctions on Hezbollah back in 2015, with the purpose of barring the organisation from accessing or benefiting from the use of the international monetary systems. This year’s sanctions will supposedly go even further as they will also include any persons, businesses, organizations or individuals that are aligned with, linked to or are supporting Hezbollah.

It is assumed that the US Department of Treasury provides the US Secretary of State with periodic reports, detailing monetary transactions of Hezbollah and the aligned movements. 

Amal and Hezbollah are both members of the pro-Syrian/pro-Russian March 8 Alliance. Other members include the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Oun’s Free Patriotic Movement and the Armenian Tashnag Party.

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