Trump has obviously decided to join Neo-Cons and Netanyahu

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April 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

– Op-ed by Vladimir Golstein – 

Chekhov once observed that between “there is God” and “there is no God” lies a giant field that foolish Russian man crosses over too fast.

Astute observation that applies to all sort of things and to our mind’s propensity to binary thinking.

Applying Chekhov’s observation to slightly more mundane things, such as the country of Israel, I would say, that indeed there is a giant field out there, which is usually ignored by the extremists on both side. Be it “Israel is never wrong and the West has a moral duty to protect it” or “Israel is the rogue genocidal state which should never existed.”

Until we are hostages to these extreme positions, there always be the idiots both in the West and ME, who would pound on Israel and demand its destruction, and there would be trigger happy Netanyahus, neocons and their subservient press and think tanks which would use any opportunity or pretext to attack the first group. Trump has obviously decided to join this group.

This is very sad, since none of these extremes, does not matter if they are promote their positions with missiles and bombs on the one hand or knives and terrorism on the other, can lead to a lasting peace. And Trump’s scoring some points with Netanyahu’s crowd, would not change anything. Might has never made it right. Not in the long run.

And by the way, I understand that some people like to imagine themselves holier than thou and take one of those extreme positions. Please, don’t take it on my post. Honestly, I have very little patience with that type of extremism.

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