Ukraine favorite vacation spot? Russian Crimea

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April 29, 2016 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter –

Despite the unprecedented propaganda in the Ukrainian media and the alleged public condemnation of “traitors who vacation in the aggressor country,” a huge number of Ukrainians are going to unwind during the May holidays in the Russian Crimea. 

The Ukrainian border service has already published photos of giant queues of cars at the “Chongar” and “Chaplyanka” checkpoints.

“As of 9:30, about 200 cars are waiting to exit the mainland of Ukraine. As Ukrainians drive to the Crimea for the May holidays, the queue at Chongar has already reached summer levels,” we hear in the statements of the border guards and Ukrainian public officials. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities dare to complain – reciting, “the aggressor country shows teeth,” and have introduced an enhanced verification regime at the borders after the breakthrough of terrorists and the constant threats from Kiev that “we will retake Crimea.”

“It should be noted that reports on the strengthening of control are also coming from the Kerch crossing: Yesterday the waiting time for motorists wishing to get to the Crimea from the mainland by the ferry was from 2 to 5 hours,” notes Politnavigator.

Tourism specialists agree that the most popular holiday destinations for Ukrainians are the southern coast, Eupatoria and Sevastopol. Many of them have friends and relatives in the Crimea, some of them go to on holiday to the peninsula out of habit. It can be stated that the desire to swim, see relatives, drink wine, and “hang out” are tops in the minds of ordinary Ukrainians,” the media reported on the 2016 season.

Last summer the residents of Ukraine in much larger numbers went to relax on the beaches of the supposedly “impoverished” Crimean peninsula.

Seeing this tendency, the Kiev authorities decided to appeal to their people’s patriotism — the people who saw the real life of the Crimea with their own eyes. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that it is necessary to install billboards on the way to the Crimea with appeals “not to take money to the aggressor.” There were also calls to “forbid vacationing in the Crimea,” and even “to punish vacationers.”

Yes, the Ukrainians! A video, which was shot by British tourists Dasha and Richard Hugg, has spread all over the world. According to these subjects of the Queen, they visited Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Sudak, Balaklava, and also visited Mount Ai-Petri. “The Crimea is still under sanctions (let’s not talk about it), but it did not prevent our having a great time In this region,” said the commentary on the video.

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A vacation video in Crimea, and there you will find others…

Earlier, the American private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor, called the “shadow Pentagon and CIA,” said Crimea will never return to Ukraine. International opinion polls also show that the population of Western countries increasingly believe that the Crimea is Russian.

On the air of the TV program “Subjective results of the day” with journalist Dmitry Gordon on the Ukrainian news channel NewsOne, the Ukrainian declared on the whole of the Nezalezhnaya – Russia cares about the inhabitants of the Crimea better than Ukraine.

“Now the SBU and the radicals are looking for a caller Mikhail from the Kharkov region, to punish him for separatism,” Ukrainians write in the social networks.

“I am surprised why the “aggressor “(Ukraine doctrine is RF is the aggressor) in the Crimea cares more about our Ukrainians: they have a pension four times higher than mine, medicine is free, gas is much cheaper and so on,” the call-in viewer could not resist.

“It is not clear who exactly is the aggressor. We created an aggressor for ourselves here, inside, and outside, the” aggressor” it turns out, quite surpisingly cares about our citizens,” added the Ukrainian.

“Ukrainians living in the Crimea do not want to leave Russia, including the Crimean Tatars, I have a Crimean Tatar brother, and I tried to change his apartment, but they showed me a finger at his temple: no one wants to go to Ukraine,” In sum he destroyed Ukrainian propaganda about the “hungry and oppressed Crimea.”



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