Ukraine vs. Donbass: General update on movements and ceasefire violations

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April 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– from Agencies, by Joaquin Flores – 

The following is a general recap of troop movements and ceasefire violations and also some minor matters of interest, over the last 48 hours.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine violated the ceasefire between April 29th and the morning of April 30th some 43 times. This was reported today by the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Basurin.

According to him, during this period, 18 settlements of the Republic were under fire from Ukrainian units in total. The attacks were carried out with mortars, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. 

Ukrainian security forces between April 28th and through that night, violated the ceasefire some 53 times. This was reported today by the operational command of the DPR. According to him,  artillery, tanks, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms were used by the Ukrainian army units to attack the territory of the DPR . 

In that same period, an unarmed Horlivka resident was injured on the night of the 28th during shelling by Ukrainian law enforcers. Late last night in Gorlovka by gunfire from the APU injured this woman, born in 1980. 

In other news, in Odessa, vandals poured red paint on a commemorative plaque to Marshal Zhukov.The vandals disfigured the plaque dedicated to Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov on the building of the military commissariat of the Odessa region, the Gulf of her red paint and wrote “Decommunization”. On Friday reported local edition of “Timer”.

“Representatives of several NGOs staged an act of vandalism in the center of Odessa, vandalized with red paint a plaque to Marshal Zhukov on the building of the Military Commissariat of Odessa region at the crossroads of the Cable and Pirogov”

According to the “Timer”, the staff of the Commissariat and the police did not react to the incident 

In OSCE news, the DPR said that a landmine laid by Khartsyzsk could have been directed against the OSCE (a false flag). A radio-controlled explosive device found near Khartsyzsk afternoon, could be used against members of the Special OSCE monitoring mission. This was reported in the operational command of the DPR, Basurin

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Regarding the line of contact, Ukrainian security officials have begun preparations for the construction of engineering positions at a checkpoint close to the DPR-controlled checkpoint “Elenovka” to the south-west of Donetsk. This was reported today in the operational command of the Republic.

The command is of the opinion that Kiev intends to implement one of the points of the previously announced plan, creating a “creeping acquisition of territory.”

“Hardly is the Ukrainian party, in taking such a decision, guided by concern for the civilian population, which crosses the checkpoints daily. Contrary to the agreement reached in Minsk on the dilution of forces, Kiev is just trying to implement its plan of “creeping seizure of territory”, and not to attempt to move forward “, said the representative of command. 

In this regard, Donetsk Command intends to draw attention of this fact to the special observers of the OSCE monitoring mission. 

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