US Air Force requests Russian permission for flights over Syria

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April 18, 2017 – Fort Russ – News –, translated by Tom Winter –

The US Air Force is forced to ask Russia for permission to fly over Syria, so as not to fall into the sphere of air defense and the Russian military aviation space, a Russian military-diplomatic source reported.

According to him, the US pilots must act cautiously, “so as not to bring on the Russians.” Despite the fact that the memorandum on the prevention of air incidents in Syria is still suspended, the US troops “are using other available channels.”**

The source explained that “the Syrian sky, by the standards of military aviation, is very small, so the American side often asks us for permission to enter a particular area of the Syrian airspace on other accessible channels.” And “We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of flights and therefore often go meet them, but no more. “

He also added that “a number of officers of the command of our air group in Khemeymim had good personal relations with the Americans during the contacts. Now there is no such interaction in the old format.”

In fact, the Russians are monitoring international coalition flights in the Syrian skies with their means of objective airspace control, along with the Su-30 fighter aircraft.

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“Renewal of the memorandum with the United States is possible, but on one condition,” the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said, “that Washington should not repeat unpredictable actions,” the media have reported.

An earlier edition of the site Whatdoesitmean*** informed that allegedly Russian Air Force had a full right to decide on the spot, to shoot down or not shoot down NATO planes in its patrol zone. However it is agreed by military experts, that the “Made in USA” guide on opening fire does not work in the Russian Aerospace Forces. 

“We read with interest about some ROE (Rules of Engagement), according to which now, allegedly, the Russian Aerospace Forces are to carry out their tasks.” Well we do not have any ROE, we have never, and hopefully will not. “We have quite a Russian-language manuals and combat manuals, and we perform our tasks by the book,” military experts have written.

They add that “despite the termination of the memorandum on Syria, the old agreement of 1972 on the prevention of incidents at sea and in the airspace has not been canceled.”

“No … Starleyev Ivanov and Colonel Petrov from the airbase at Khemeymim have not granted the right for independent decisions to open fire,” experts say, adding that “all operational decisions are still taken within the walls of the National Center for Defense Management.”

“In the event of a clash between the current US air forces and the NATO countries, Russian MIGs and Su will certainly take them from the skies — not a boast, but a comparison of the technical characteristics of gliders and weapons.” Western military experts also admit this, but better not: “Nobody wants World War III,” summed up a high-ranking source in the Russian Defense Ministry.
**The US side  notes “we are still in De-confliction mode.” And “We talk to them everyday from the Combined Air Information Center.” General Carlisle, quoted at Defense One.

***I have never seen a report on the Whatdoesitmean site that could be documented and confirmed. Their typical article takes something current and adds something shocking. — Tr.

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