“US Strike Encourages Terrorists to Commit More Acts” – Putin and Rouhani

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April 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Almayadeen – –  translated by Samer Hussein –


At the initiative of the Iranian side, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, held a phone conversation.

Earlier on Sunday, the two presidents discussed the US strike on Syria and both agreed that it represents an act of aggression, done in complete violation of the international law and will only give credit to the terrorists.

Rouhani told Putin that “reports indicate terrorists acquired chemical weapons,” adding that “the American attacks are motivating the terrorists to use the chemical weapons again.”

He also said that “it is necessary to discuss and condemn the unilateral US strike at the UN Security Council,” stressing that “Iran continues to believe that the only solution for Syria is a political and not a military one. “

He further stated that “the US attack on Syria shows differences between the countries in terms of approaching and fighting terrorism-related problems”, pointing out that “the current situation calls for strengthening cooperation between Iran, Russia and Syria in order to confront terrorism and violence”, adding that “Iran is ready to coordinate and cooperate with Moscow in fight against terrorism”, while also remarking that “it is shameful for some countries in the region to support the US strike on Syria.”

For his part, the Russian president Vladimir Putin told the Iranian counterpart that “the American aggression against Syria is an attempt of expressing support for the terrorists,” adding that “the US actions in Syria, including the recent missile strike, will not help to solve the Syrian crisis.”

Putin also reminded that the United Nations confirmed that the Syrian government handed over its arsenal of chemical weapons,” adding that “the American aggression against Syria was pre-planned,” noting that “an independent investigation is needed to clear the circumstances, surrounding the chemical assault incident of April 4th in Khan Sheikhoun, Idleb. “

Both leaders stressed the importance of continued close cooperation between the countries, especially as regards solving the issue of the Syrian crisis. They also reviewed the implementation of the agreements, reached during a visit of the Iranian delegation to Moscow, headed by Hasan Rouhani, between March 27-28th.

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