14 Years Later, Blair’s Still a Jackass

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May 1st, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair described the situation in Syria as ” an ugly stain of the Western foreign policy”. 

In an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Telegraph”, Blair reminded that he was among the first people who warned of possible consequences of the Arab Spring and the importance of handling it with extreme precaution as regards the transition of authority, given the past experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also stressed that despite all the experience and time, West has so far failed in understanding the Middle East.

In an interview with the GQ magazine, Blair said that it was rather difficult for him to come to terms and realize that he is now a hated person after he led his country into a war with Iraq back in 2003.

He further stressed that the problem with what the West did in Syria was that it insisted on Assad’s departure, but never made it happen.

Blair also expressed his support for the recent US aggression on Syria, as evident from another interview with the newspaper “Daily Mirror”, saying the US President Donald Trump was right in his decision to carry out a missile strike against Syria back on the 7th of April. 

According to Blair, peaceful solution for Syria is possible, however, it will not happen unless a tougher stance is taken.

Regarding Trump’s foreign policy initiatives, Blair said they have so far fallen in line with the broader mainstream of the Republican Party, adding that the first 100 days of having Trump in the office resulted in the opposite of what was expected in terms of relationship with China and with Russia.

He stressed that he has not spoken to Trump since his inauguration, however, he mentioned that he regularly speaks with his brother-in-law and an adviser on the Middle East, Jared Kushner, adding that he supports any attempt by Prime Minister Theresa May to strengthen relations with Trump. 

Tony Blair was among the world leaders who expressed their unconditional support to the former US president George W. Bush in his illegal invasion of Iraq. Despite the disastrous results, Blair never regretted his decision to help attack Iraq.

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