As Syrian Army Makes Significant Progress, US-backed Jihadists Launch a Major-scale Counter-offensive

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May 31st, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Jihadist groups, aligned with the US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition, announced the start of a massive operation against the Syrian Army and its allies in the areas of the Syrian Desert. 

According to the statements of the Lions of the East Army and Forces of Martyr Ahmad Al Abdo which were published on their Twitter pages, a large-scale operation, dubbed as “Our Land”, was launched against the Syrian forces in the areas of the Syrian Desert.

The assault was reportedly launched from two main axes and the terrorists are said to have broken through the first defense lines of the Syrian Army since.

The terrorists are also said to be advancing towards Zaza military checkpoint and the area of Sabaa Biar in the Syrian Desert, following intense shelling and bombardment.

It shall be noted the assault comes right after the jets, belonging to the US-led international coalition, were spotted dropping warning leaflets about consequences, should there be any more progress, made by the Syrian Army.

The warnings came amid progress made by the Syrian Army on Damascus-Baghdad highway.

It is noteworthy that Lions of the East Army and Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo are both trained, armed and funded by US.

Just a few days ago, Syrian Army launched a major-scale operation, dubbed as the “Great Dawn”, aimed at regaining all territories in the Syrian Desert, held under occupation of ISIS terrorists.

Recently, Syrian forces made significant progress after control was established  over key strategic areas south of Palmyra, the village of Rasm Hamida, Al Shawmiria mountain range and Damascus-Baghdad highway. 

With this, Syrian forces managed to secure the so-called “Baghdad-Jordan-Damascus triangle”, thus thwarting the hopes of US to take control over the southern side of the Syrian-Iraqi border. 

As a result, the US wanted to retaliate, first by dropping leaflets and now by sending Lions of the East Army and Forces of Martyr Ahmad Al Abdo into action.

According to the sources, close to the Syrian Army, latest US efforts will, despite some initial advancements, hardly bring any results in the end.

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