Austria Bans Niqabs and Burqas, Introduces Fines for Those Violating the New Law


May 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –            

A new law was passed in Austria, banning all types of clothing that cover faces of people. 

The bill, which was approved by the ruling coalition, consisting of the liberal Social Democratic Party and the conservative Austrian People ‘s Party, comes amid the new batch of security measures, particularly related to threat of religious terrorism and which finally got introduced after several months of rather turbulent negotiations between the ruling parties. 

From now on, wearing all types of clothing that cover faces or entire bodies, will be punishable with a fine of €150. This of course includes niqabs and burqas, two types of strict Islamic veiling that cover faces. 

The decision on banning such types of veiling was made due to an increased level of terror threats in the country. Previously, several terrorist acts were already prevented by Austrian Law Enforcement.

It shall also be noted that niqabs and burqas are frequently being used as a cover of identity by terrorists in Syria, with hundreds of terrorists on the run, wearing these types of veiling, already being arrested by Syrian authorities.

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