“The Blood of the Syrian Martyrs Will not go in Vain” – Assad to Belarusian TV

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May 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – translated by Zenobia Saleh and Samer Hussein – 

Belarusian State TV Network ONT conducted an interview with the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Tuesday.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:


“Today is the 9th of May. Today we mark our victory.
Our fathers and forefathers preserved water here (in bottles like this). This is the most sacred blessing and a symbol of our victory. I asked my colleagues to fill this bottle with water from a sacred spring near Damascus. Today, I will symbolically fill your glass with this water. The water-preserving bottle is from Belarus and the water is from Syria. It has been filled from the spring which terrorists occupied three times. As you know, water is a symbol of life. I wish that the long-awaited peace would prevail over your abundantly-good land, the land of paradise. Hoping that no Syrian family would ever again be short of food or water. God Save You.”

President Assad:

“Water is a blessing. It is a God-given blessing. This water, in particular, brought specifically from the Fijeh Spring, has an even greater value. It has been baptized by the blood of Syrian fighters who sacrificed a lot to get this water flown once again to each and every home. Millions of people have been deprived of this blessing for several long months, when the terrorists laid siege to the spring. So, we drink this water in hope that the blood sacrificed by these heroes – the heroic soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army – would not go in vain, but rather would help us restore water, electricity and security to each and every home throughout the country.”

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