Effectve today, May 4: No more cash transfers from Russia to Ukraine

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May 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Pravda.ru, translated by Tom Winter –

Effective today, May 4, Russia limits money transfers to Ukraine. This law was adopted by the State Duma in late March. The ban deals with transfers made through foreign payment systems.

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The document states that if a country imposed restrictive measures on Russian systems registered by the Central Bank, then money can only be transferred to this state through an operator controlled by a Russian legal entity. It’s about fast transfers, for which you do not need to open an account.

The entry into force of the law makes direct transfers of money through payment systems from Russia to Ukraine impossible.

Recall that last year Ukraine introduced a ban on the use of a number of Russian payment systems. As Pravda.Ru previously reported, the Ukrainian authors of the idea chose not to notice the grotesqueness of the situation. After all, we are talking about transfers of money earned by Ukrainians precisely from that same ‘aggressor,’ in order to prevent the families that were left in the “great European power” from falling into complete poverty, for whom this “great and European power” itself can provide (at an African standard of living) – and this is against the background of Western-level fees for ‘utilities’ and everything else.

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