Europeans are Tired of US-NATO Occupation – Korovin

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May 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise and member of Russia’s Civic Chamber, Valery Korovin, believes that the latest Sputnik survey on European views of NATO’s “Russian threat” rhetoric shows  that Europeans are increasingly displeased with American occupation. Moreover, in Korovin’s view, the “Russian threat” is the last thing holding NATO together and keeping Europe under the US’ boot. 

Korovin told Sputnik Radio: “The ‘Russian threat’ and myth of a Russian invasion of Europe are the last remaining unifying element justifying NATO’s presence in Europe and the American occupation of Europe as a whole. Without this, it is not very clear why American military dominance is needed, why they need measures for mobilizing European society and economic tension justifying the presence of NATO and American troops and military bases there. Without the ‘Russian threat’, this presence loses any sense. In fact, it is the West that has been the source of aggression against Russia for many centuries.”

However, in Korovin’s opinion, educated Europeans understand that reality is different from what the leadership of other countries is forcing upon them.

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“Any person who can analyze the historical processes of previous epochs understands that every time it is Russia that is the state which restores the balance of security in Europe and even liberates Europe from this or that dictator enslaving European peoples. An elementary education allows one to understand that everything is not as the current European elites are trying to impose on Europeans, and that they, ordinary people, are being submerged into some fairytale land, an upside-down world spewing out concepts and models for the existence of Europe itself that are contrary to all logic and common sense,” Korovin explained.

In Korovin’s opinion, opposition to such policies is growing among Europeans.

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“This situation clearly displeases Europeans. Hence the growing rejection of American occupation policy and the influence of the US, which perceives Europe as an American colony and object for exploitation. Society is increasingly hostile towards the American, NATO presence, and is disturbed by the preparations for yet another Western and NATO aggression against Russia,” the political analyst concluded. 

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