Evidence shows Ukrainians killed American OSCE observer, but will the US care?


May 14, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

By Eduard Popov – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

On May 13th, important news came from the Lugansk People’s Republic. The LPR’s People’s Militia came into possession of Ukrainian SMS correspondences discussing the blowing up of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission vehicle on LPR territory on April 23rd, as a result of a which an American observer was killed. The correspondence was taken from Ukrainian operator servers. 

This development was announced by the official spokesman of the People’s Militia, Andrey Marochko. The correspondence evidence shows that several saboteur groups of the Security Service of Ukraine and Ukrainian Armed Forces were involved in the blowing up of the OSCE SMM car. Moreover, the specific names and codenames of the perpetrators of this terrorist attack have been established. 

As we recall, the death of the American observer became the pretext for an urgent telephone conversation between President Poroshenko and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, after which the State Department issued a statement that hurled accusations at the Donbass republics.

Since the very onset, it has been clear that Ukraine is cynically trying to use this tragedy for its own selfish purposes. Suspicions have also arisen, such as we’ve expressed, that the Ukrainians themselves organized this terrorist attack. Now the evidence has been revealed. The intelligence agencies of the LPR And DPR apparently work very efficiently in the enemy’s ranks and boasts no small number of secret supporters. 

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What sort of consequences can Ukraine expect now and will the US take any steps in light of this new information?

Ukraine and President Poroshenko himself from the side of accusers have automatically become the accused. What’s worse, the crime of Ukrainian saboteurs from the UAF and SBU is double: (1) a deliberate terrorist attack as a result of which an American was killed, and (2) deliberately deceiving and blackmailing Americans’ feelings over this incident. 

In any other situation, this would be sufficient reason for the Americans to impose punitive sanctions on this regime with American blood on its hands. But will the US actually impose any sanctions on Ukraine? This depends on whether the evidence exposing this Ukrainian crime will be presented in the White House. As is well known, an information blockade on the crimes of the Ukrainian regime in Donbass prevails in the West alongside an obvious unwillingness to even listen to the other side of the conflict, which leaves little hope that the evidence will be reviewed. 

World events are made when American media writes about them – such is the principle of current information politics, almost Orwellian in style. In August of 2008, American media told the whole world that Tskhinvali was being shelled by Russian troops. Only later did the inconvenient truth spill out, and President Saakashvili became a persona non grata in the United States. 

The truth about the Ukrainian trace in this terrorist attack is too inconvenient for America for them to even want to believe the evidence or at least check its claims. But unlike in August 2008, there now exists the phenomenon of “alternative media,” by which I mean independent or “anti-mainstream” publications that are reaching an increasingly extensive audience. They existed in 2008 but did not boast any influence on public consciousness. Thus, the information war over the truth about the war in former Ukraine is far from lost. 

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