Fort Russ Under Attack: Flores and Popov Blocked, Censorship Ongoing

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May 16, 2017 – Fort Russ –

By Fort Russ Special Editor Jafe Arnold  (J. Arnoldski) – 

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Fort Russ and its team of independent translators and analysts have been hit by yet another round of social media censorship. 

On May 16th, Fort Russ Editor-in-Chief Joaquin Flores was slapped with an indefinite block on Facebook. Just six days ago, Fort Russ’ Russian guest analyst, Dr. Eduard Popov, was also hit with another lengthy Facebook ban for sharing “extremist” material…from November 2015! Fort Russ’ team members have also reported increasing problems with posting and sharing our articles on Facebook. 

NSA and CIA collaborator Mark Zuckerberg shows no signs of letting up the war on independent media. 

These are not the first such incidents, and definitely won’t be the last. Ever since the “Fake News” hysteria began in the US in late 2016 and Fort Russ was featured on the PropOrNot list spread by The Washington Post, Fort Russ has faced a skyrocketing number of obstacles. Censorship and “Fake News” filters on social media and search engines have cut down our page views and strangled our outreach to global audiences. 

What’s more, the modest earnings we get from advertising that we use to support our professional and volunteer staff and investigative journalism have been deliberately slashed, as we’ve since learned, due to our “political content.” 

While this may surprise our readers, maintaining an independent news source providing free content to upwards of 80,000 readers a day is not something that can be done without resources and sacrifice. 

While we’ve expanded our staff and coverage to bring readers like you daily news on the war in Syria and a growing number of exclusive accounts from Donbass, the censorship war being waged against us has constantly undermined our ability to cover our basic needs. Our parent organization, the Center for Syncretic Studies, has even had to step in to keep us afloat in the most dire times. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable even in the short term. 

This is a war of attrition on independent news and analysis. The discredited mainstream media and their Internet resource collaborators are trying to starve out Fort Russ. We need to show the powers-that-be that we aren’t going away. 

Fort Russ needs your support now more than ever. We kindly ask our readers to share this and our other articles as far and wide and possible. We especially ask those able and willing to kindly consider donating. Any amount is needed and appreciated, and we sincerely thank those readers who have already stepped up to donate. Our PayPal can be found below each article, and our Editor-in-Chief’s story and mission can be found on Patreon

As things stand, our gracious readers donate upwards of 200 USD a month, which we use to support our staff, field locations, and journalistic endeavors. While we wholeheartedly appreciate these contributions, we are forced to admit that three times that is what we need on average to continue and expand our work. With your support and our plans to increase our coverage range and media formats, our readers like you can expect, among other things, more exclusive video materials and even a smartphone app in the future. 

Fort Russ’ professional and volunteer team has been working to bring exclusive news and analytical content to millions of readers since 2014, and we have no intention of giving up now. 

But we can only keep on going and growing with your help. 

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