ISIS Terrorists Kill at Least 52 People, 15 Children Including, in the Syrian Province of Hama

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May 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein – 

At least 52 people, 15 children aged 3-13 including, were killed in a massacre, committed by ISIS in the village of Aqarib, located in the eastern countryside of Syria’s Hama province.

According to the field reports, ISIS terrorists, who were coming from three directions, raided the village of Aqarib earlier on Thursday. So far, 52 people were confirmed dead, among them 15 children and 8 Syrian soldiers. 

Units of the Syrian Army and NDF have since regained most of positions, previously infiltrated by ISIS. At least 30 ISIS terrorists were killed in clashes that took place in and around the village. 

It is believed that ISIS terrorists came from directions of the villages of Tor Al Kulaib, Abu Hanaya and Al Hardanah. All of the 3 villages, which are located in the eastern countryside of Hama, are currently being held under ISIS control.

The assault on civilians supposedly began after few of the ISIS snipers managed to sneak into a school at the eastern side of Aqarib village and started to aim at civilians.

The Syrian Army and NDF, quickly responded to the assault, however their progress was briefly halted after ISIS started to receive reinforcemets from the village of Uqayribat, known as the local stronghold of ISIS. ISIS attacks have been pretty much repelled since.

Medical sources claim, most of the deaths and injuries occurred due to intense shelling of Aqarib and even few of the surrounding places, the town of Salamiyeh and the village of Sabbourah including, by ISIS terrorists. Material damage was also caused. Due to ongoing clashes, it is not yet possible to determine the exact number of victims.

It was reported that units of the Syrian Army, backed by NDF, are currently searching the area around village and are preparing to respond to any forthcoming assault. 

Due to blood shortages, the authorities in Hama province urged residents to donate blood. About 100 people are currently waiting to receive blood.

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