Italian Senator stands up for Polish political prisoner Mateusz Piskorski

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May 29, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Silvia Vitoria Missotti, l’Opinione Pubblica – translated by Tom Winter, edited by J. Arnoldski – 

Mateusz Piskorski

On May 16, 2017, Senator Antonio Razzi, a member of the Italian Parliament and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Senate, sent a letter to the Polish Embassy in Italy, denouncing the treatment of Mateusz Piskorski, a former member of Parliament Polish and leader of the Zmiana party.

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Piskorski has been in jail in Poland for more than a year now, still with no reason given for his arrest and detention. The arrest was based on alleged espionage activities. Piskorski’s defense attorneys have presented documents [defending Piskorski] (including letters from the EU) which have not been acknowledged by the Polish judge. Despite this documentation, Piskorski’s detention has been extended until August.

The only answer that has been received so far is from the Polish Embassy in Rome – a confirmation that Senator Razzi’s letter in support of Piskorski has been forwarded to the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Below we include the text of Senator Razzi’s letter and the response from the Polish Embassy in Rome:

I am writing to you about the situation of Mateusz Piskorski, a former member of the Polish Parliament and leader of Zmiana. As you probably already know, he has been detained in a Polish prison for more than a year for political reasons linked to an unorganized and unclear espionage charge.

At the end of April, Mateusz was also physically abused several times by a member of the ABW (Interior Security Agency) who accompanied him to the public prosecutor’s office only because Mateusz asked him not to handcuff him in back, but in front (he had always been handcuffed this way, and he also has a doctor’s recommendation not to risk hurting his back because of his health). He was beaten with a baton several times so hard that confirmation of this fact came from the attending doctor when his lawyers found out what had happened.

A year later, he does not know what he is accused of. He was informed that he was accused of his social, political and analytical activities, precisely for: attempting to influence public opinion. However, in accordance with Article 130 of the Polish Penal Code, this type of activity is not spying.

At present, this arrest has been extended until August, despite all the documents submitted by his defense:

1) about 60 letters from the EU and from politicians, Polish scholars and public figures with requests to release him until the end of the investigation;

2) a scientist professor has written a scientific treaty explaining from the legal point of view that analytical and social activities can not be recognized as espionage;

3) a medical certificate about his [Piskorski’s] mother’s health (Parkinson’s, neuroborreliosis).

The judges probably did not even read the above, considering that the discussion took place in less than two hours (from 13:20 to 15:00), and the lawyers did not have time to talk and finish up in time.

As a member of the Italian Parliament and a member of the Italian Foreign Affairs Committee, I ask you to contact the Polish Minister of Justice to express my concern about the situation regarding Mr. Piskorski and to receive news about his future and, hopefully, his freedom.

I formally ask him to allow me to visit him in prison with a delegation of Italian politicians.

Thank you, and I give you my best regards.

Sen. Antonio Razzi

Secretary of Foreign Affairs


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The Honorable Senator Razzi, On behalf of the Polish Ambassador in Italy, Tomasz Orłowski, I confirm that your letter and your request have been forwarded to the Polish Ministry of Justice. 

Best regards, Marta Zielińska-Śliwka Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome. 

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