Joulani’s Tahrir Al Sham Declares Jihad Against Erdogan’s Terrorists


May 13th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Tahrir Al Sham, a terrorist group led by notorious terrorist leader Abu Mohammed Joulani, reportedly began with huge amassing of its troops on Friday, following reports that Erdogan regime-backed terrorist groups might soon mount an assault on the city of Idleb.

According to the field reports, Turkey is preparing to merge the terrorists of at least 17 factions with the so-called “First Corps”, a terrorist group backed by Turkey, in the scope of the “Euphrates Shield” operation. 

Recently, members of Ahrar Al Sham terrorist group attacked the headquarters and checkpoints of Jaysh Al Islam, the “Free Idleb Army” and other Turkey-backed terrorist groups.

The attack resulted in dozens of terrorists being killed, in addition to several of their leaders being arrested. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the so-called “Dead Cities” and Bab Al Hawa border crossing in the north-west of Syria.

On Friday, mass demonstrations were held in the terrorist-occupied city of Idleb, with demonstrators holding banners in support of Abu Mohammed Joulani, a notorious leader of Tahrir Al Sham (and a former leader of Al Nusra Front), while denouncing the new “safe zones” agreement, which was recently brokered by Russia during peace talks in Kazakh capital city of Astana.

Some of the demonstrators were also expressing their contempt for the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Al Nusra Front, which was until earlier this year led by Joulani.

During Friday sermons, terrorists of Ahrar Al Sham ordered all imams in town to curse Turkey and its backed groups during their speeches. 

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