Kiev regime accuses nonagenarian WWII veteran of killing Nazi collabos in 1952

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May 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– RT France, followed by Brazos Rojos (Red Arms) translated by Tom Winter – 
Note: The RT story was published yesterday, May 4, 2017; the story via Red Arms is dated August 16, 2016. We will follow up…

Photo taken from Brazos Rojos page

The RT account:
Accused of deliberately killing members of a group of nationalists who collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War in 1952, a Ukrainian is being prosecuted by his country’s judiciary despite his venerable age.

The Ukrainian Attorney General has opened an investigation against a Soviet veteran of the Second World War, a Jewish Ukrainian named Boris Stekliar, now 94 years old. He is accused of killing members of a nationalist group more than 65 years ago. The group collaborated with the Nazi occupiers on the territory of contemporary Ukraine but which was then part of the USSR. Neither the normally prescribed penal prescription period nor the canonical age of the alleged killer deterred the Ukrainian judiciary from opening this new chapter of its struggle against the symbols of the Soviet era, initiated by the authorities in 2015.

During the Second World War, Boris Stekliar took part in important battles of the Soviet forces, contributing in particular to the victory over Nazism in eastern Germany. After the war he worked in a Ukrainian NGO, the National Center for the Defense of Human Rights, and participated in operations on behalf of the USSR State Security Committee (KGB), targeting Ukrainian ultra-nationalist groups, including the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which had been linked to the Nazi occupation.

According to a memoire issued by a former KGB agent, during one of these operations in 1952 a group of Ukrainian nationalists were killed because they resisted arrest. Among the deceased nationalists was Nil Khassevich, an artist and political activist who was responsible for propaganda within the OUN and the UPA. In addition, he served as a judge in a Ukrainian village during the years of Nazi occupation

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A 94 year old retired colonel of the former KGB is indicted in Rovno (Western Ukraine) for his involvement in the fight against UPA Nazi collaborators in the 1950s.
Colonel Boris Stekliar is one of the few survivors of the struggle against the Nazi collaborators of Stepan Bandera that took place between the 40s and 50s of the last century. Being an operations officer, he took part in direct confrontations with the fascist band of the OUN-UPA. The process was stimulated by an Association of Historical Revindicatión of the Organization of Nationalists of the city of Rovno and now has come to the fore. 

At the beginning of the fight against the Banderist bands, B. Stekliar worked with the KGB District Committee in the Rovno province in the hardest moments in the early postwar period. Boris was decorated 8 times for merit on the battlefield and anti-banderist operations.

The openly revanchist character of the Euromaidan regime, where Nazi war criminals are elevated to the status of national heroes with official rank and state homage, is already an unbreachable evidence. It will not be possible to disguise the regime’s nature much longer. The changes of names of the central avenues to give them the name of mass murderers like Bandera, Shujevich, Petliura and other fascist and genocidal rogues can not be ignored forever. Like the parades with torches or the horrific crimes committed by “patriots” in the style of the battalion “Tornado” or “Azov”. There is not enough makeup. Therefore, the junta will sooner or later be defeated.

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