LPR News Round-Up: Lugansk is sick of the OSCE


May 14, 2017 – 

By the Editorial Board of The Cossack Herald for Fort Russ

Victory Day in the Lugansk People’s Republic

On May 9th, Colonel Yan Leshchenko, commander of a detachment of the People’s Militia of the LPR, led the festive military parade alongside the head of the Republic, Igor Plotnitsky. The head of the LPR recalled the contribution of the inhabitants of the Lugansk region to the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, 287 of whom became Heroes of the Soviet Union during the war.

The parade was attended by approximately 1,200 military personnel and law enforcement officers of the LPR, by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and by cadets. Moreover, about 100 military vehicles and weapons were used, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, Grad rocket systems, self-propelled and towed artillery systems, as well as the Arrow-10 anti-aircraft missile system.

At the end of the parade, in Lugansk’s Theater Square, the March for Peace and the column of the Immortal Regiment March were held, whose participants carried the pictures of their family and loved ones who defended their homeland during the Great Patriotic War and are doing so now in face of Kiev’s aggression against Donbass. The column stretched for five kilometers. Tens of thousands of representatives of different professions and generations took part in the procession. Factory collectives from Lugansk and across the Republic, students, youth and social organizations, servicemen of the People’s Militia, veterans, doctors, teachers, miners, and civil servants were all united by the march.

Also on Victory Day, motorcyclists from the Donbass Night Wolves motor club visited memorial places along the “Battle Road of the Fraternal Donbass.” The ride went from Lugansk to Alchevsk and Perevalsk, and then, having planned their route through the People’s Republic of Donetsk, they visited Debaltsevo, Enakievo, Donetsk, Makeyevka and Shakhtersk. The final point of the ride was the legendary Saur-Mogila, located in the mining district of the DPR.

Lugansk People’s Republic now lives without Ukrainian electricity 

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers with the participation of LPR head Igor Plotnitsky, Pavel Malgin, the Acting Minister of the Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, announced that the LPR has successfully switched to normal electricity supply mode without any failures or accidents. 

This marks full recovery from April 24th, when at 11:41 P.M., the Ukrainians halted the supply of electricity to the fuel and energy stations in the LPR. According to Sergey Ivanushkin, the Republic’s Minister for Emergency Situations, thanks to the rapid operations of electrical power engineers, the power supply to the main districts of the city of Lugansk was already turned on within 40 minutes, and at 2:00 am the country completely switched to its internal resources.

Previously, Igor Plotnitsky has stated that the LPR will not de-energize the settlements of the Lugansk region controlled by Kiev, even if the Ukrainian authorities stop supplying electricity to the Republic.

Lugansk is sick of the OSCE

The Head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, has accused the OSCE of destroying civilian’s homes. This was reported by the State broadcaster (GTRK) of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

According to Plotnitsky, as written in the OSCE’s mandate, this international organization is responsible for the safety and security of the lives of the civilian population, so he wants to demand that OSCE observers recompense destroyed homes in the so-called “gray zone.” According to the head of the LPR, there are about 300 people who have suffered from such a situation. 

“If they are not able to enforce their statutes, then what is the point of their presence on the territory of the Republic? If they cannot protect, they have to pay for destruction. In this case, we will also adhere to the OSCE Charter. If they do not perform their functions politically, then let them carry out their functions economically. Please, take our position to Minsk and convey to the OSCE our economic demand for compensation,” Vladislav Daney, the authorized representative of the Republic at the Minsk negotiations, was instructed by the LPR Head.

Mass protests have taken place across the territory of the Republic during which thousands of LPR residents have repeatedly expressed their discontent with the actions (or more often, rather inactions) of the OSCE in regards to shelling by Ukrainian militants. The people of Lugansk have also spoken out over European observers’ “real gift of foresight,” i.e., their suspicious abandoning of areas half an hour before shelling begins, and their complete lack of reaction to Ukrainian bombardments that happen right under their noses. An OSCE official has even been caught spying for Ukraine. 

Everyday violence in Ukrainian-occupied Donbass 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Lugansk People’s Republic has issued a report on the behavior of Ukrainian police in the part of Donbass occupied by Ukraine. According to the press officer of the LPR’s MIA, Sergey Kolesnikov: “The police refuse to investigate the crimes of the military and militants of the Avakovskiy national battalion, thereby confirming, in practice, that they all came here as invaders…”

Residents of Severodonetsk reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR’s hotline: “To ensure the passage of a Ukrainian general and two American instructors, military law enforcement services detained an ambulance for 15 minutes that was delivering a patient with a myocardial infarction to the hospital. This cost the life of the inhabitant of Donbass.”

In one of the buildings of the Lugansk thermal power plant, a special UAF unit installed radio equipment with powerful transmitters on the roof. It is controlled by the military from a nearby house, while all the employees of this building are have no choice but to suffer the radiation consequences.

“Disregard for the law in the occupied territory of Donbass has reached such a scale that even police officers cease to tolerate this, and call the MIA Liaison Hotline with reports of crimes. These people understand what they are threatened with for leaking operational information, but they do not want to hide the crimes of their leadership,” said the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People’s Republic. 

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Even more grotesque information has been revealed. An employee of the Ukrainian police, calling the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR, reported that fragments of a human body were found near the Starobelsk-Belovodsk route. It has been established that these are the remains of the body of Lieutenant Colonel Shpak, former head of the Rubezhansky City Department of Internal Affairs, who disappeared in July 2014. At the same time, however, this information has been hidden by the Ukrainian police. In the meanwhile, investigation has accurately established that Shpak was last seen at a checkpoint of the Aidar battalion. “After that, Shpak’s traces were lost,” Sergey Kolesnikov reported. The need to twist the facts for the sake of propaganda has thus turned out to be stronger than the rule of law in what’s left of Ukraine. 

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